Minden Mayor’s Poor Representation of the People

Greetings Everyone,

I will not be saying too much on this topic, due to the Internet “a buzz” with photos and commentary on the subject.  The small town community is still reeling from the “shell-shock” that was forced upon them during what was supposed to be our country’s (Canada Day, July 1st) celebration.  The Light of Truth in all of this is NOT WHAT the mayor (I use this term loosely, the same way she uses the community’s  trust in her) states; it is the “actions” aligning with the words which determine the INTEGRITY.  The facts are glaringly CLEAR as to WHAT happened.  Unfortunately, when Human Beings are “given privilege” without a strong moral centre, combined with a perfectly working brain and heart, they will ultimately “show the masses” what is truly “at their core”.  I do not accept for one minute that the mayor is sorry for what she did.  No, just the opposite, SHE IS SORRY SHE GOT CAUGHT and has no excuse; however, still feels we WILL BUY whatever comes flowing from her face.  She is merely doing the “female version of Rob Ford”, Toronto’s mayor, and we know where he is headed.  This type of behaviour seriously ERODES the community structures and TRUST that it relies upon to remain healthy, happy and prosperous.  Our children and grandchildren see these people of authority act this way and “learn inappropriate social graces”.  No wonder every generation, with authority figures like Ms. Minden Mayor, (since Jesus was a baby) has in their own way, dragged the “social standard” to an all time low AND BEING PAID WITH TAXPAYER’S MONEY!!!

The mayor KNEW, OR OUGHT TO HAVE KNOWN, that this WAS HER PHOTO-OP MOMENT and she betrayed the fine folks of this community, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  She was not merely sitting in her backyard, enjoying a private moment … NO SHE WAS AT A PUBLIC FUNCTION!!!  This destructive behaviour, like a run-away train, MUST BE STOPPED BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW WHERE IT IS HEADING.  IT BENEFITS NO-ONE!!!  We need more strong and morally sound, Jesus’ type people to come forward to be heard.

I invite everyone, not just in this community, but communities ALL OVER THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET, to ask yourself some hard questions:

Why does ANYONE believe or buy-into the notion that WE NEED THESE FOLKS (Government, etc.) to govern/control our daily lives?  Why continue to participate in the so-called “election (not selection) process” to ONLY GET ANOTHER VERSION OF THE LAST.  How long are we going to play this “denial game” that anywhere in our society, the “ones in positions of authority” have IMPROVED OUR LIVES OVER THE LAST 100 years?  Our world, our children, grandchildren and all creations of this Earth, DESERVE by birthright, to live peaceful, happy and abundant, without interference from those people who clearly cannot display that their brains, hearts and moral compass can remain sound and in tact.  I invite all “Life and Like-Minded People” to join together to educate, brainstorm and implement the necessary changes to VASTLY improve the Health, and Well-Being of this great community, as well as other communities world-wide.  The time is NOW … what will be your choice?  (as it will be demonstrated to the public, despite what you SAY)

Three articles you may wish to educate yourself with, in order to help you make your decisions, going into our future:

1.  The Rutherford Institute (www.rutherford.org), “Jesus Lived in a Police State” by John W. Whitehead;

2.  Natural News (www.naturalnews.com), “How to Prepare Yourself for the Collapse of the Age of Human Delusion” by Mike Adams; and

3.  Energetic Synthesis (www.energeticsynthesis.com), “Sophianic Body Correction” by Lisa Renee.

I hope and pray that you will take this article VERY SERIOUSLY, with a view to becoming “part of the change you wish to see in the world for the benefit of ALL”.  May you continue to be BLESSED WITH ALL THINGS DIVINE!!!

Much Love and Blessings,



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