Hello Again,

As I was sitting here, watching those “Crazy Kaida Kittens” roar around, practically demolishing the house, something else came to mind that made me go … Hmmm.   I look to those Wise Ones out there that like these kind of “brain-teasers”!!!

After my original post on Kaida’s Kittens needing the voice of the people, I contacted what I believed to be a firm of animal activists that would possibly take up their cause.  WRONG!!!  After one telephone message left with the Director and CEO and two follow-up emails, inquiring as to the “lack of response” to ANY of my communications, this is THEIR RESPONSE.  Notice, if you will, the “Standard Corporate Lip-Service Reply” to my pleas for help.  (My thoughts … no worries, as they are NOT THE ONLY FISH IN THAT VAST COSMIC OCEAN.)


“Dear Sharon,

Thank you for contacting Mercy For Animals Canada.

Unfortunately, there are a huge number of issues in the world that need to be addressed and suffering that needs to be reduced. As an organization, however, we do not have the resources to adequately address all of these issues without spreading ourselves too thinly and not being effective for any of them.  Animals raised for consumption represent 700 million land animals each year.  We believe we are providing the most benefit (in terms of suffering reduced) by focusing our efforts on this issue and promoting compassion for all (which ultimately helps all animals, human and non-human).

We hope that you understand our position and the need to use our resources as effectively as we can.  We hope you will continue to follow the life-saving work MFA Canada is doing on behalf of billions of farmed animals each year.


Kindest Regards,



Now again, before you start arming yourselves with torches and pitchforks, may I remind you that I am in my 50’s and do not NEED anyone to point out the obvious … “everyone on this planet is DEALING WITH SOME PRETTY HUGE ISSUES” and I do not expect everyone that hears this plea to immediately drop everything to answer anything that I am dealing with.  I am merely pointing out that, it takes little effort, no money and a WHOLE LOT OF INTEGRITY, to just give me a “quick call back” advising of their situation.  I DO NOT EXPECT EVERY DOOR I KNOCK AT, will magically open just because I am knocking.  Just saying folks … something to think about (with YOUR HEART), as you go through your day.

Be well, Be Aware and Play Safe.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessings,



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