Happy Monday Afternoon Everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Mine consisted of many things, but the one that comes to mind at this moment, is my main focus … “looking to the future with fond memories of my past”.

The reference I made in my previous post, regarding my childhood, brought back a flood of memories that lasted the weekend and continues right up until this very moment.  I imagine my childhood was much like everyone else’s experience.  Sometimes I hear people say that, they pretty much had a normal childhood and wonder … what actually does “normal” look and feel like?  My childhood was filled with many experiences to witness and learn from, in order to prepare me, for what was to come as I continued to grow through the years.

I could sit here and tell you every sorted detail that I experienced in a “not-so-good” way, but does anyone REALLY need to hear one more sob-story and who does that truly help.  I could fill volumes of my life’s experience and most people would probably say, that it is not possible for one person to experience ALL OF THAT and come out as good as I did.  However, I chose to take those experiences and even see humor and healing, where others would not.  Laughter and Love provides the BEST salve for a wounded heart and soul.  When you are able to look back over a situation that may have caused A LOT of heartache and turmoil and view it, without the emotions attached, then the humor and healing will just happen naturally, if you are willing to allow it.  Never force it to happen.

The tender moments, the funny and hilarious moments and the downright cruel and abusive moments, ALL have something to teach everyone involved.  Having the strength, courage and moral conviction to rise above the cruel and abusive moments, in order to learn from them, will be balanced at some point, with the skillful use of those tender, funny and hilarious moments.  For example, after experiencing some rather difficult moments from my childhood and some much needed reflection time, I came to the conclusion that the skillful use of humor in learning to “laugh at myself” and to not take myself so seriously, would benefit me in the long term.  I also came to learn that this can sometimes be the very thing that “saves you from the madness”.  It is the best revenge against those that wish to bring you harm, upset and turmoil into your life.  I am not “into revenge” in a negative sense; merely stating that, in my humble opinion, finding that place of peace, harmony and being able to love again, is the best medicine for you, NOT THEM!!!  You can and will provide the proof needed to yourself and others around you, that you ARE the better person for “seeing and feeling what others refuse to acknowledge”.

When you are at this stage of your personal healing and growth, you elevate the “social standards” to a new level of awareness and possibly teach others that there is a better way in which to live.  This will undoubtedly at some point show up in your confidence level and your ability to take on a more responsible role in the community and humanity.  Confidence, NOT ACTING COCKY, is a very value tool in these unsettling times.  In order to face these times, your happiness, health and wealth will be dependent upon being able to operate within the social structure with a certain level of confidence, integrity and humor.  Carry NO BAGGAGE from the past that weighs you down.  Collect ALL OF THE memories that brought the best out in you and allow them to carry you, like a Magic Carpet Ride, filling you up with all of your Heart’s desires and landing you on bright and sunny shores.  There is nothing bigger in this world, than the Heart’s (and not just human hearts) ability to LOVE BEYOND REASON.

Now, is a good time to share another “funny” moment from my past.  When scanning over the multitude of memories one thing threads through them all.  The great amount of love and fun that went into “our playtime”, as well as the lack of time spent thinking it through to see if anyone could get hurt.  No-one ever intentionally wished to hurt anyone, it was just the innocence of youth, that getting hurt was just never considered.  I think of the games that we would play were not the usual that most kids played.  Sure, we knew how to play all of the usual games but at some point kids can get bored and start making up their own games to play.  For example, we used what was at our disposal, like things that nature casted off, and could be rather painful when connecting with the skin.  Being that it was either spring or summer, there was plenty to choose from, as you lined your brother or one of his friends in your sights.  We used to have “chestnut fights” and I am not talking about the ones that have the outer shell removed.  These ones were rock hard, with spikes and dug into your skin, sending you yelping like a wounded dog!!!  Many children went home looking like they spent the afternoon with a porcupine, minus the quills.

Another memory that comes to mind, is the time when one of the guys in the group, thought it would be a good idea to take his “mini-bike” out for a spin, in a freshly plowed field, after 11:00 at night.  Yeah, I can hear you now, picturing the scene and starting to giggle.  As my wise old Daddy used to say, “sometimes, you just gotta let them figure it out for themselves and hope that they don’t kill themselves in the process”.  I am certain my father had A LOT  of moments like this, when bearing witness to my learning curve.  My father’s advice was always the same at these times, being “are you sure you want to do that because when you get to be my age, you WILL FEEL IT”.  Even though he passed away, I can still hear him getting the last laugh, because HE WAS RIGHT.  Every ache and pain I feel, is directly linked to a memory of what I did, at the time of my father offering his advice.  However, the sweet and tender memories of those times, far outweigh (for now), the costs (aches and pains) of such an adventurous life and living.  Spending plenty of time out in nature provides many opportunities to test and stretch the boundaries associated with the human growth curve.  I learned a lot from nature, together with all of her woodland creatures, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

This brings me to something I wish to share from the depths of my heart and soul.  For ANYONE that has ever crossed my path, sharing the journey of life, and feeling as if I have somehow offended you, I ask for your forgiveness, for I was unaware that I had done so.  I merely offered to you, what I felt intuitively was mine to offer, and was only intended to raise you up and out of whatever situation you found yourself.  If you feel I have failed you, then I truly apologize.  For those who have offended me, intentionally or unintentionally, then I FORGIVE YOU, releasing each other from the wounds of the past.  This does not mean I will forget, nor have my boundaries crossed ever again, in any way shape or form.  This forgiveness is intended to release anyone willing to participate from the words and/or wounds of the past, so that the healing and learning can begin.  Have I learned from those moments?  Yes, I have.  The wisdom, confidence and love that I feel for this planet and all that inhabit it, is far greater than holding onto any emotion or situation that is not in my best interests.   My heart and soul demands that I get up and see, feel and share the beauty being offered, each and every day.  Be like the frog that NEVER GIVES UP, as the stork has it in it’s beak!!!

I must sign off for now, as the arrival of a very loved family member is coming to stay for a few days, and we really need to get the place ready.  Have a glorious day and please take the time to look into the eyes of others, with a heartfelt smile, and say “Hello, how is your day going?”.    Be Well, Be Kind and Loving, but especially, BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE AND SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny



Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

Rather interesting question, one which I have predicted for the past three years, and now you are frothing at the mouth to know my answer.  My answer is simply this … The next currency WILL have great value and abundance, more so than any precious commodity on the market or the planet.   You do not need a broker, banker or middle-man, and the ability to counterfeit any form of it, will JUST NOT HAPPEN.  That currency will be TRUST!!!

First and foremost, each and every person’s level of respectability, responsibility and accountability, will be measured, valued and traded for whatever gifts, talents and abilities they possess.  If you possess a High Standard of Morals, Ethics and Principles; then you WILL always be in demand, never wanting for anything.  However, if you are attempting to use the “same old, same old”, then your ability to survive at any level will become more difficult.  As the word spreads throughout the community and surrounding areas, your popularity/abundance WILL be reflected back to you in a very intimate way and on a daily basis.  This will appear to be a sliding scale and there will be something available for everyone depending upon where you are placed by the community (judged by your peers).  YOU WILL KNOW where you are, who you are and what your value is, based upon what others “see/feel” coming from you, in your daily interactions.

Our lives will be returned to a more natural way of life and living.  I BELIEVE IN THE POSITIVE, COHESIVE AND LOVING FAMILY VALUES.  I could easily pass for a Russian Babushka, given the appropriate attire!!!  I believe in families coming together for that common cause of properly watching over, guiding and teaching the children, no matter what their bloodline.  I believe that it ACTUALLY takes a community to raise a child or the children of that community.  That is the way I was raised, and it did me NO HARM.  I also, believe that when the members of that family can come together and demonstrate their “conflict management skills” to the younger ones, it adequately provides useful skills to them, for when the younger ones begin to merge with the community.  The problem with most of society today, in my humble opinion, is that many people have “fallen asleep at the Parental Wheel”, and are leaving these kids to raise themselves.  The opposite is also true, where the parents are SO STRICT, the child(ren) are unable to “stretch their wings and grow to their maximum potential”.   Either way, we NEED for the sake and survival of our future generations, to STOP, DROP AND ROLL, our way back to focusing on what we say is our Highest Priorities.

I see a bright, abundant and more loving society in our near future and that is where I am headed.  Each and every day, my every thought, word and deed is in support of that very image.  I am drawn towards that beautiful landscape from somewhere deep within my Heart and Soul and feel it emerging outwards, spreading across the surface of the planet, like loving little glittered teddy bears!!!  Rainbows and pots of whatever your Heart’s desire happens to be, when the energy comes bubbling through.  If you are experiencing challenges, feeling off kilter or anything other than excited about your life, then my intention is that your being is filled to the brim with more glitter bears, and you actually find yourself “giggling”.  Find the innocence within your Heart and allow it to blossom like the most perfect rose that you have ever seen.  I was given the AWESOME opportunity of that very feeling the other day, by watching a Hen lay her egg, right in front of me!!!

Being an old farm kid, I forgot what that experience “felt like”, so was granted the moment to “re-connect and enjoy”.  Being raised on a farm gives children a whole new perspective on life.  Every farm kid goes through the same phase that, at some point, they will NOT appreciate the early morning (any time after midnight to sunrise) all-call that our presence is required in the barn.  One, or sometimes more than one, of your animals is giving birth and you NEED to be there.  Watching an animal giving birth, is so much more different than witnessing a human giving birth.  For the most part, animals take it all in stride, and everyone is gushing over the new arrival, when all is said and done.  Most infant animals are born with a “knowing of what to do” and they usually get to it pretty quick.

The miracles and magic offered every day to a farm kid is tremendous and far reaching.  They are NEVER bored … they have no time to get bored.  If they happen to find themselves getting a hint of becoming bored, they will switch to creative mode rather fast and come up with something “new” to entertain themselves.  An example from my own childhood was the time (I will not name the parties involved) that someone came up with the game “Bag-Tag”.  A bunch of farm kids get together in one of their hay-lofts, which is stuffed full with bales of hay wrapped in binder-twine, and proceed to “tag” someone with the burlap bag that is tied in a knot.  All these farm kids, of various ages, running as fast as their little legs will carry them, so that they will not be “tagged”.  The memories are flooding back and the hysterical laughter is about to begin.  Many things CAN, and DID, go wrong with the whole brilliant plan.  Especially when one person, who really did not want to be tagged, thought it would be a good idea to “Tarzan style”, swing from a rope anchored to the roof, one side of the barn to the other.   Yeah, I KNOW YOU CAN PICTURE THE SCENE.  He splatted like a bug on a windshield, dropped to the floor and groaned like he just got sacked in the family jewels.  I just cannot stop laughing at our youthful ignorance in the pursuit of fun.  There are many more stories to tell, but that is for another day.

My garden is in need of some tender loving care and the grand-kittens are making their requests known rather LOUDLY.  Be Well, Be Loved and just be the best You, that you can be.  May you continue to be granted with all that you so richly deserve.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


Top of the Morning to You All,

The day is off to a wonderful start, listening to various birds stretching their vocal cords, as they go about their day, singing joyously like a children’s choir.  The Sun is rising in the somewhat blue sky, and the place has a “tropical” feel to it.  Life is abundant with miracles, each and every day, even before we open our sleepy little eyes.  Now, if you happen to find yourself barreling through life, slowly realizing that “keeping up” used to be easier, then may I suggest with all due respect that you SLOW DOWN.

Having a “Day-Timer” stuffed full to the brim, is no way to live, especially now in these rather interesting, yet troubling times.  Everyone’s multi-tasking skills are being challenged to the razor’s edge, and if you are not careful, you will get cut.  The depth of which that cut will go, is solely determined by your inability to gear-down, coast, reflect and rejuvenate all facets of your Being.  If you wish your journey to be a little smoother and lighter, then you MUST downsize whatever is in your life, release whatever is weighing you down and put all of your focus to that which YOU say is MOST important.  I have spent the last three years or so, going through EVERYTHING and deciding to keep what I can and will appreciate on a daily basis.  Pretty much, if it will not fit into the back of the truck, I DO NOT NEED IT IN MY LIFE!!!

I realize that this can sound like the last thing most people want to hear; however, I truly believe, that is precisely what NEEDS to happen.  If the road you are travelling on is rather littered with all kinds of STUFF, then travelling at a break-neck speed to fit it all in, is not going to produce the outcome you are seeking.  It is no different than travelling down a dark county dirt road, thinking that you have a straight-away to hit the gas, only to find out that road crews recently installed a bend in the road.  If someone happens to be “standing on the side of the road” of your life watching you daily put yourself at risk, please do not get upset.  Do not punch them in the face and make remarks that you cannot take back.  They ARE taking the emotional risk to advise you of a potential danger that you are approaching and making a reasonable request that YOU SLOW DOWN.  They are offering a valuable viewpoint, that maybe, just maybe, you had not considered.

If I was granted only one wish, it would be this; that each and every human being on this planet give themselves permission to “take a mental/physical/spiritual vacation”, for as long as they require in order to get their lives centered, balanced and energized.  Yes, there is MUCH work to be done, however, if you are only running on fumes, then truly what good are you to anyone?  This screams to the people around you, that you are either running from something, or running towards something.  Either way, it becomes about you and your own self-importance and NOT what you are claiming!!!  What the World Needs Now is to get it’s “freakiest, slowest turtle-on” and CHILL, with a really good Bob Marley song.  Nothing is solved nor resolved in a shit-storm!!!  Learn to become your own best Comedian and crack yourself up, at your own genius and flaws.  Do I take my Soul’s Purpose on this planet seriously?  ABSOLUTELY, YES I DO.  However, I DO NOT take myself seriously, rather opting to find things to laugh about myself, and my surroundings.

One thing I do sense is that the baby boomers, children of the 60’s, are rediscovering their passions and what made them feel really alive. I find this very interesting because the baby boomers’ children are old enough to “stand up for their own passions” and fight along side their parents.  Scan any crowd, at any rally or protest, and you will witness a wide variety of age groups all coming together for a common and worthy cause.  It is AWESOME to watch people all over the world coming together, interweaving their own “threads of many colors”, to create a new Tapestry that is designed to acknowledge, support and benefit all concerned.   The power of all of these people coming together at some point will crush any last remnants of the old unhealthy and unnatural way we have been living for centuries.  That Old Goliath KNOWS it’s days are numbered and are pulling out every last trick in their proverbial hats to convince anyone and everyone that it still has the energy to have control over you.  Yes, there is much to be fearful about; yet there is NO REASON TO BE AFRAID.  The Old Goliath is much, much more afraid of YOU, than you ought to be of it.

Now, take some much needed time for yourself and go for a nice long walk in nature.  Go camping (I mean really camping, not this 5 Star Hotel type camping) and get back in touch with what is screaming, crying and begging for you to sit awhile and listen.  Put on some really deep heart and soul music that stirs you to feel young, wild and free.  What is Mother Nature attempting to show you, by mirroring it back at you, along your journey?  For the really serious, courageous and humble participant in life, you could sign up for and really commit to, a “Vision Quest”.  I highly recommend it, if you are truly seeking direction, when you find yourself at a fork-in-the-road of your life.  Be sure to do your research, check with your own inner wisdom, and your physician of course, and make that decision when you are feeling the pull to do so.  Also, finding that person(s), you resonate with in a positive, healthy and uplifting way, usually is a signal, you have a good match.  Get references from past participants, if you need to, in order to make that decision.  If none are provided, turn and run in the other direction.  Usually a clear sign that you are about to travel down “hurt alley”.  Either way, the choice is yours and I hope that someday, we will see you on the New Playing Field.

For now, our time has come to a pause, until another day.  I pray that you will take the time, for however long it takes, to realize and appreciate the miracle(s) being offered to you today, and every day.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessing, Granny


Good Afternoon Folks,

Interesting question (above) dontcha’ think?

As I sit here, observing Mother Nature and her woodland creatures, scurrying around like “Henny Penny” (for those too young to know who she is … Google her!!!), two questions keep coming into my inner wisdom grid; “What is all the fuss about? AND How are you feeling now?”.   We have three gianormous black birds that visit every morning and every night, before sundown.  They ALL like to be referred to as, “Sire”.  One just flew over-head, loudly calling out his message for all to hear, like the Town Crier of Minden.  We have had quite a myriad of weather types cross our path today.  Awoke to a damp, very windy and cloudy day and within 20-30 minutes it rapidly changes to the Sun coming out and looking like it will be a nice day.  Just as quickly as it arrived, within the same 20-30 minutes timespan, we are back to damp, very windy and cloudy!!!  This has been going on ALL DAY.  No matter, I just look at it as an opportunity to turn it into a P.J. Day and snuggle in.

I realize that some of you may be feeling like a cat that has just been grabbed by the tail, and you are being whirled around, with your head bouncing off every surface it can find.  This just means you are “tapped into” the energies of the hour, day, week, month, etc.  THIS IS THE NEW NORM, until we can get more people educated to being MORE stable, respectful and responsible with their own Body/Mind/Spirit FIRST, and then the “100th Monkey Effect” can begin to take flight to Higher Ground.  If, you are truly humbling yourself to the lessons that life has to teach you, at this moment in our Evolutionary School of Life, then ALL will be as it is intended to be and you will find yourself on safe, familiar shores.

There is no way to guarantee where you will find yourself; however, I am reminded about some Wise Sage advice that was given to me many years ago.  It is this:  “Please, Please, Please, remember it is NOT about the destination, it IS about the journey.  The destination is the reward for a job well done”.  Stay the course, learn as much as you can about yourself, your surroundings and your part in “re-building” a positively Happy, Healthy and Abundant future, for ALL CONCERNED!!!  Life on this planet will go on, whether we are inhabiting her, or NOT.  The question becomes:  What will be your contribution and legacy, in this “re-building process”?   No-one expects you to be the next Einstein; however, every little grain of sand makes the beach a better place for many to gather.

Just know that you are not alone and NEVER were alone.  Everyone, everything thing, including our beautiful home we call “Mother Earth”, is maturing to a new level of NORMAL, based upon a more Loving, Respectful and Responsible way of living.  If this is something that you can “grow-up, show-up and commit to”, then you are well on your way.  People are coming together in droves, for this VERY COMMON AND MUCH NEEDED WORTHY CAUSE, and there is no time like the present.  The New Horizon is cresting, with all sorts of wonderful treasures to be “re-discovered” about what it means to be ALIVE, HUMAN AND HERE!!!

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.  Play safe, be kind and always, be True to Your Own Inner Wisdom.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


Greetings Everyone,

How is your Monday going so far?  Is it just a continuation of the weekend, uplifting you to see “life in a whole new way”, or just another dreary day in the continuation of your life, which appears to be “closing in on you”?  No matter where you are in this Grand Cosmic Play, you will undoubtedly be asked, required or sometimes, downright DEMANDED that you offer yourself up to be vulnerable.

I marvel at the way humans (including myself) either “react”, or “respond”, to being vulnerable in any given situation.  I am NOT judging anyone, rather observing, that which plays out in my everyday life and running it through my “own inner wisdom filter” (some call this a “BS Detector”) to ascertain if there is anything of value being offered to me.  I “see” it as an opportunity to review, reflect and reinforce the solid foundation that I have been building over the past 50+ years.  If there are any “adjustments” in need of change, then that becomes my focus, and working up from that position until a sense of peace and balance has been restored.  Life is, has and always will be this ever changing, sometimes revolving door, of opportunities to be the best that you can be in EVERY moment that you are here.  What YOU do with those opportunities, is YOUR choice and the rewards OR consequences are yours.  Food for Thought:  “ALWAYS conduct yourself like someone is watching, because someone, IS always watching.  It is called your conscience and your Soul!!!”.

The benefit of the vast years and life experience that I possess, is that it has provided me with quite the panoramic viewpoint within which to “observe” ALOT of changes to this beautiful planet we call HOME and her inhabitants.  What I DO NOT see anyone talking about is that we are HER invited “guests” and you would NEVER know by the way all this bickering and fighting going on.  More and more people are jockeying, positioning and clamoring for their contribution to the New History Books that will be written about these times.  Everyone’s voice wants, needs, AND MUST be heard before anything moves forward.  Suppression is a funny thing for all parties involved.  At some point, EVERYONE gets to have a laugh.  The Gargoyles at the Top KNOW this and have attempted for MILLENIA to slow down or stop this from happening.  They KNOW that the “music has stopped and there is NO chair for them”, and it is THEIR TURN TO BE LAUGHED AT, with all due respect, of course.  Sorry, kinda got sidetracked there with a brain-fart and thought it might be important.

Anyway, back to this vulnerability thing.  If for any reason you may be having difficulty, challenges or possibly a “full-on frontal Dark Night of the Soul experience”, then fear not.  This only means you are on the very edge of a “breakthough” (NOT BREAKDOWN) of something that will bring the Best and Highest possible life lessons to you.  What you do with it is up to you.  I remember a looooong time ago, a very wise person assisting me with this very subject and their advice was “just get out of your own way”.  For years, it use to have an effect on me, in various ways, until the moment of AHA!!!  I cannot speak for others, only my understanding of what this means for me.  I believe, it’s meaning (ie: life lesson) is this:  Life will change; we MUST embrace and thrive with those changes for ANY growth to happen.  The ONLY one getting in the way of those changes is the person staring back at you in the mirror.  Argue all you want, with whatever explanations or excuses you wish, it ALWAYS boils down to the person’s involvement or lack of it and how it was presented.  That is not to say that life has a way of presenting some REALLY big choices to make, yet THAT IS PRECISELY my point.  Like a small oak tree, it gets challenged in every possible way imaginable, but the miracle is witnessed when you see their maximum potential.  It is an AWESOME sight!!!  The challenge is intended to bend and stretch you to your maximum potential.  YOU  decide how and what the outcome will be, when you combine your own unique “bending and stretching” towards the intended goal.  This works both ways, for good and not-so-good, so be REALLY careful about your “inner motives” and keep them in check, so the others around you do not feel compelled to point them out (because they are showing up).

Life was never intended to be THIS DIFFICULT.  We humans somehow or somewhere decided this was they way it was going to be.  Well, NOW, we can decide that it is time to “upgrade” the belief system, life system, whatever you happen to be working on these days, and give ourselves the permission to be BETTER, WISER AND MORE LOVING in everything that we do.  Life is truly simple, it is the emotions of the human that make it complex and complicated.  Do not take my word for it, just watch nature long enough and it will show you the beautiful symmetry, miracles and magic.  Birds do not need “air traffic controllers” to fly.  Moose do not need crossing guards to cross the road.  I’m just sayin’ … something to ponder and decide for yourself.  Take good care of yourselves, each other and always remain, respectful and responsible with all that you do.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


Good Morning Everyone,

I awoke today to the sights, sounds and smells of the beautiful surroundings which I call home.  Our little Piece/Peace of Heaven on Earth delights all of the senses, no matter what your pleasure.  As I write this article, I have a little woodpecker not more than 5 feet from my window, and it is absolutely driving the “grand-kittens” WILD!!!  Each and every little “peep, peep, peep” out of our woodland creature, taunts the cats to respond with their own little “cat conversation”.  It is hysterical, if you have ever heard a cat, “voice” their irritation at what is just outside the limits of their reach.  The Sun is bright and warm on the face, while the wind softly whirls around you tickling everything it touches.  It almost appears as if our trees are doing their “happy dance”, as they soak in all that life has to offer.  I say to them (the trees), “You go girls and boys, and throw in a little of your ‘funky tree stuff’ while you at it”.  This appears to be a perfect time to bring in the topic of “Collaboration”.

Webster’s Dictionary Definition:  “Collaborate: to work WITH another”.  This is an interesting word and theory.  However, as anyone who has engaged in any form of this, will attest to the FACT that it supports the saying, “Great in Theory, not so great, when put into practice”.  However, what a lot of people do not realize, is that we collaborate, each and every moment of our daily lives, whether we know it or are willing to participate, it just happens.  What I find fascinating about this concept is that, with over 7 billion people on this planet, all with their own unique individual “Earth Suit” and everything (good, bad and sometimes ugly) that comes along with it and at every level of Spiritual Growth that you can possibly imagine, that we ever truly get ANYTHING brought to a successful collaboration.  I observe, each and every day, how Mother Nature and the non-human creatures “collaborate” easily, effortlessly and rather joyously and ponder, why or more importantly, what is it about being “human” that complicates the life experience.

It would appear, that no matter how well intentioned, good hearted and spiritual you are, those seemingly great qualities that brought the human parties together, will ultimately show up as a “kink in the hose”, thus creating tension.  This tension is like a fire under a simmering pot and is intended to direct the human to examine THEIR responsibility to identify and resolve any issues that they may be bringing to the table, before the “collaboration” can move forward smoothly and effectively.  Now, if for any reason, any one of the humans directly involved in this collaboration, are not doing their “due diligence” to ensure that their dealings can in any way be misconstrued, misunderstood, etc., then this causes further tension.  The collaboration grinds to a halt.

A wise human, will at this point, recognize what is in play and why, and will step back far enough to take a “wait and see” approach.  This is intended to give the human struggling with, “seeing what NEEDS to be seen”, without the interference or involvement of another.  If, the proper amount of quality time is invested by the human struggling, and they honestly excavate the past few days, months, years, other relationships, whatever it takes, to “see the common denominator” in all of times that they were struggling, I truly believe that ALL of our so-called differences/issues become non-issues.  They do BECOME “valuable learning lessons” and not mistakes, repeated over and over, thus ensuring that EVERYONE feels heard, respected and valued for who they are and what they have to offer.  Truth Seekers and Truth Speakers have ALOT of value to offer; however, not many humans on this planet can TRULY AND HONESTLY state, that when they are faced with one, that they enjoy the experience.  It is really hard to “hide behind anything” or state that “this is who I am” in front of a really good Truth Seeker/Truth Speaker because they have a viewpoint, lens, perspective that MOST people wish they had, but are still a “work in progress”.  Lashing out or acting out, in front of or with, a Truth Seeker/Truth Speaker is pointless, but if you push and persist to “make your case” with them, they may lower the Cosmic Thump on you or just feel it is not really worth the hassle.  They KNOW life WILL teach those that refuse to learn.  Painful to watch and that is why they remove themselves from the situation because they cannot bear to “feel empathically” what that person is doing to themselves and others around them.

I look all around me and see many forms of collaboration going on, in every sector of our daily lives.  I say, BRAVO to those courageous souls, who passionately believe in a good cause and are attempting to find ways to “right the wrongs” brought down on this Beloved planet and all that reside on her.  If your collaboration is running smoothly and gaining greater heights for the good, then keep on keepin’ on, and continue to Shine the Light of Truth.  If your collaboration is not going well, then I invite you to take a few steps back and look at what played out.  Don’t just be critical of others first, examine every detail of your involvement FIRST, make it right inside yourself FIRST and then, share your insights with the others.  You may find that you did everything right and it still did not “gel”, and that is okay, because that just means it was only meant to teach the parties involved ONLY to that point in the collaboration, but no further.

The energies have changed folks.  If something is “meant” to happen, then it is and will continue to be supported, easily and effortlessly, through to the next stage or completion.  We do NOT have to struggle for anything that we are manifesting at this point in time.  If it does not truly “feel” like a joyous ride down a summer stream, then it is not a good match.  If you are “feeling” like you are in a car with a person learning to drive a “stick-shift” for the very first time, you will be jerked back and forth, possibly getting whiplash!!!  This “swimming up stream” and forcing something that is not intended to be forced, ultimately results in someone getting their “panties in a wad”, things being implied or said, THUS helping NO-ONE!!!  Sometimes, we unknowingly, become the “authors of our own misfortune”, all the while implying innocence or finger-pointing.  I caution all of the finger-pointers out there, because if you really take a good look and ask yourself:  “How many fingers are pointing back at you?”  Maybe, just maybe, you are NOT being totally honest and would benefit greatly if you revisit your current conundrum.  Just sayin, maybe something to put your heart into and not your Brain/Mind, and see what you find.  Happy Trails!!!

Well, we come to that time again, where life entices me to “come out and play” and who am I to refuse such a magnificent offer.  Continue to journey along the path you find yourself on and take the time to stop and “smell the roses”.  Play safe, be kind, respectful and responsible in all that you do.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


Firstly, I wish to say that this Blog and/or article is, has and always will be about “shining the Light of Truth” in those areas, which I personally have witnessed, experienced and researched to discern, to the best of my Spiritual Standards of Morals and Principles.  However, I am most certainly aware of the seriousness, that the effect of the thoughts and words expressed, has on those that dare to read them.  They ARE intended to provide a forum that stirs (shakes, rattles and rolls, if necessary) the reader to “shift” their perspective and to view life from a broader vantage point.

If you have been able to get through one of my previous posts (“Common Crisis Alert”) then you will have a certain grasp on where I am going with this article.  If you have also managed to invest some time in excavating through your life’s experiences, and come to a place of being completely stunned at where you find yourself,  then PLEASE do not despair, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!  I know that it “feels” like the whole world is spinning out of control and to some degree, it is.  Catching your breath and feeling the steady firm soil beneath your feet, seems like a thing of the past.  No matter what is happening around the world, try your utmost best to hold firm to the Truth, that “this too shall pass and a better day is on the horizon”.

Now, depending on who you talk with or where you get your “information” of world events in order to discern your best possible options for moving forward into the future, you will find probably three opinions.  The first option being, that the world has “gone to hell in a hand basket” and there is nothing to do about it but to stick your head between your legs, waiting for the final impact.  The second  being, that “all is as it was designed to be and there is nothing to do about it but to wait for the Saviour with his band of brothers to save the day”.  The third being, that this person(s) will ignorantly blow you off saying something like, “I don’t give a rat’s rear-end about what is going on, because no matter what, I am gonna land on my feet and prosper for it.  Don’t you know that I live my life in a bubble and am not affected by all of that!!!”.  As I see it, with all due respect to each and everyone else’s opinions, I believe that the TRUTH, is a combination of all opinions, like facets of a really valuable diamond.

The diamond is not valuable for JUST one thing.  There are MANY factors that go into deciding it’s true value.  What one person finds to be distasteful, appraising it’s value as less than, another will find that very same or similar flaw to be viewed as unique, appraising it’s value as more valuable.  Thus the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.   Now, when assessing the events happening around the world, in our communities and directly in our personal interactions with others, view them as you would an Expert Diamond Appraiser and see what you come up with.  It is way too easy to fall down that very slippery slope of making very important decisions for our daily lives and loved ones from a place of fear, lack of knowledge/understanding of any given situation, or truly possessing love for oneself.   Start with asking yourself, “why am I living life this way?”, because it is the accepted “norm” or because someone else claimed to be the authority and “that is just the way we do it”.  Maybe it is time to decide for yourself, what is a better way of living a happy, healthy and prosper way of life FOR YOU.  Who knows, maybe you will be THE ONE who gets a new trend started and be your own Saviour.  It is wonderful to have help along the journey of life.  Yet, there is also something to be said about, that GREAT feeling of confidence when you are able to “see the obstacle” and be able to turn it into an “opportunity” because you have the life experience and skillset to overcome adversity.  The reward for that skillset, is always finding the silver-lining in a very dark cloud.  Your Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul receive a HUGE healing, elevating you to greater heights, thus allowing the expansion of your Heart’s energy to share in a more balanced and positive way.

I can honestly say, that all of my life’s experiences happened, “for me” and NOT “to me”.  Sure, at the time, it felt like it was happening to me; however, my Inner Wisdom tells me that, “it is simply NOT TRUE and the proof is in my prior accomplishments”.   With enough time, soul-searching and an overwhelming dose of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, you can and will be victorious against any and all adversities, coming out the other end, standing just a little bit taller.  Please try and enjoy the journey because that is where the really good learning comes from and will help you thrive in the future.

The time has come for me to sign off now, as my “grand-kittens” are being rather forceful about their “snuggle time”.  How can I refuse those beautiful innocent faces … well, simply put, I CANNOT.  I leave you with the hopes, wishes and prayers that, whatever you are seeking to soothe your Soul, may you find it and be richly blessed by it.  Play safe, be kind and always remember to be respectful, reverent and responsible.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny