Greetings Everyone,

WOW, June 1st, 2015!!!  I trust all is well and you are either weathering the stormy waters, OR, you have somewhat landed on stable shores within a new landscape that looks familiar; yet “feels” different.

I realize it has been sometime since my last communication with all of you.  I, too, have been venturing, discovering and remembering MANY things over these past few months.  Just like you, I and all whom/what I love and value the most, has been constantly put through the proverbial “wash, rinse and spin” cycle in which we all find ourselves.  I will share some of my experiences, should the need arise, in an effort to show you that there is ALWAYS a “silver lining” to any dark cloud, if you apply the courage, strength and purity of heart to “feel” it.

The most profound of all, was the realization that, in ancient times leading right up until present day, it has been the “accepted belief” that the only way humans can and will be renowned for their “Mastery” is through a strict, rigid and extremely secluded form of a monastic lifestyle.  This was the way.  Like the Old Testament giving way to the New Testament, we are now beginning to “give way” to the New Earth energies, allowing the merging, blending and building each and every day with those parts of our inner most core.  This is the home of the Sacred High Heart Brain which houses that Divine Spark of the Divine All That is.   The “New Energies” prove to us that, if you have managed to navigate this lifetime while immersed in all of the intense challenges, especially the past three years, and come out with a renewed sense of sanity, purpose and enthusiasm, then you have mastered something that was otherwise deemed “impossible”.

We are being invited to view ourselves, along with everything in our environment, as that complex facet of the ultimate precious and priceless diamond.  To reawaken and rediscover that we are “born into” and are of the “natural” world.  ANYTHING, and I mean, EVERYTHING, that is “man-made” is part of the Illusion Matrix and is voluntary/optional.  For those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear”, our natural world is tempting us to leave behind the Illusion Matrix and come join her.  Now, more than ever before, her gentle whisper delights our senses, to come play like small children in a brand new playground.  Get creative with your lives!!!  Sit in your garden and build sand castles … lay in your driveway and receive a giant hug from Mother Earth and Father Sky … stand in front of the mirror, like an innocent child, and “see yourself”, possibly for the very first time.  Be your best comedian and make yourself laugh until you wet yourself!!!

Now, before you get all up in my grill, I am not saying that everything going on in the world today is not important, because it most certainly is!!!  What I am saying is … give yourself permission to color outside the lines a little,  nudging your comfort zone a little higher until you feel that “rush” of child-like wonderment and joy for living.  Ask yourself honestly, “what if I did …?”, OR, “What is the worst that is going to happen if I choose to …?”, OR,  “why am I choosing to allow this FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) to determine my present state of living out of alignment with my NATURAL birthright of harmony and joy?”.  Yes, these are big issues.  Issues which MUST be faced and worked through, with the greatest amount of honesty, integrity and humility, in order to have the life you so richly deserve.

We are living in the times, that the Wise Men and Women from days gone by spoke of, wherein we blaze a new trail joyously creating and writing our past, present and future in REAL time!!!  BE BOLD, BE COURAGEOUS AND OFFER THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OF LOVE.

I will leave you to ponder on this for awhile.  Namaste, to One and All.

Blessings, Granny


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