Good Morning Everyone,

What a beautiful day.  The Sun is bright and full, bursting forth to lightly tickle our senses and invite us to “come out for a little look-see”.  Everywhere you look, things are in full bloom and the birds are making their angelic voices be heard, like a well orchestrated children’s choir.  It feels to me like Mother Earth is like any overly exhausted woman, who just wishes to lay in bed all day, and let life in all of it’s glory, dance before her eyes.  Replenishing and revitalizes her body, mind and soul for the playful days of summer and long starry romantic nights.  What she is wondering, as she lays in her soft soil bed, surrounded by all things that she loves and cherishes the most, is …. “who will join me in this exciting new adventure, I am embarking on?”.

I know what my answer is and always will be, “Hell, yes … I am all in”.  Magic and miracles are Mother Earth’s specialty and I simply cannot wait to see what she has in store for the next few months.  Now, being that I am an optimistic realist, I can hear the naysayers now, pointing in the direction of the whole world seemingly coming apart at the seams and screaming, “WHAT ABOUT ALL THAT!!!”.  My simple answer is “Yes, what about all that?”.  Like any other well informed human being on this planet, I can acknowledge that it exists; however, I do not “need” to buy into the “mindset that I am powerless to effect any change in a firm, yet fair and peaceful manner”.

I can prove, through my vast (over 52) years of life experience, that FEAR approached with a certain mindset can “make or break” almost any situation.  I say, “almost”, because there is always a certain element of the unknown, until it becomes known.  That is why “hind-sight” is considered to be “20/20”, because it in intended to guide a person to actually “turn around and see it from the other person(s) perspective”.  Lesson learned … future “mistakes” have been stopped in their tracks, allowing Knowledge and Wisdom to “settle in for the long haul”.  However, as we can see, not everyone “subscribes” to this type of learning curve and thus, feels powerless to their environment.  It would appear that nobody, not even the person themselves, has given them “a suggestion nor permission” to think and act a little (or a lot) outside the box, just to see what happens.

It would appear that we, our Worldwide Community, has been way too busy focusing on all of the things that are “unnatural” to our body, mind and souls, like walking zombies.  It seems like, we have seriously forgotten that we have a REALLY big, beautiful, bountiful and loving environment surrounding us, moving through us, supporting us and begging us to come back and fall magically “in Love with her” all over again.  Instead of the movie, “To Sir With Love”, she is inviting us to play our part in the updated version of the movie, “To Her With Love”.  Will you accept the invite?  What part do you wish to play?  Will she believe it, as passionately as you do through the thoughts, words and actions of yourself towards her and others?  Something to ponder, as you go about your day, and deep into the night for you “night owls” out there.

Continue to let your light and love shine, and the more that everyone does that, the darkness will have no where to exist.  Feel it, Believe it, and Make It Happen.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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