As we travel down the “proverbial rabbit hole with Alice”, as evidenced by every day world events, I find myself asking that very question, more and more, “Where have all the really good critical thinkers gone?”.  This question, opens a “Pandora’s Box”, that once the lid has flown passed your head, you realize that the odds are not good, that you will ever be able to stop getting your eyes from popping out of your head, not to mention ever sleeping again.  The question confronts a very basic and fundamental element to our Being Human.

It appears that critical thinking is a dying art form, that in the days of old, would have been highly revered and well sought after.  Critical thinkers (“CTs”) have a finely tuned BS detector, whether they know it or not, and if ANYTHING runs over it and does not return the signal that gives an “all clear” to the critical thinker, alarm bells start sounding.  Now, really great CT’s, would never give any outward signs this alarm system has been triggered.  Instead, they will allow the conversation to continue to wherever it is going to go, gathering as much through the “internal system” as they can muster, all the while with a pleasant and engaging look on their face.  They may ask a question to please your sense of self, but when you are done, spent of any further words to say on the matter, they will begin the “rapid-fire” of deep questions, that usually leave the person looking, and feeling like a “deer in the headlights”.  And before you get all defensive or mushy about the skill of a CT, think again.  There’s can be but a lonely and misunderstood life.  They can also be referred to as “Truth Seekers, Truth Speakers”.  ALOT of times, what is directed back at the CT, is negative, manipulative and sometimes abusive.  Not so positive for the Critical Thinker!!!

Another thing that the masses, including “The Establishment”, whomever they may be, cannot explain in a mature and common sense fashion, is …What is it about the Critical Thinker that seems to set these people and their emotions straight to HIGH within a nano-second!!!  OR, turns seemingly smart, loving, caring individuals into conforming, senseless and willfully ignorant individuals, calling out the Critical Thinker as something that is the worst possible thing for any social structure.   For the record, Critical Thinkers are an extremely valuable resource for anything and everything, because they have a unique 360 viewpoint of any situation they engage in, otherwise you will not hear from them.  They are still in gather mode or they do not feel comfortable speaking about something that is clearly out of the skill-set.  Critical Thinkers, keep themselves and others around them on the straight and narrow, leading by example and questioning everything that just does not “add up”.

If you happen to know someone or come across a Critical Thinker in your travels, go easy on them.  They can and will be the best friend you ever had; however, their standard is set high and where we ALL need to start moving towards.  Listen, learn and find ways to slowly invite the Critical Thinker in yourself to have a “Newbie” conversation with another Critical Thinker.  Heck, throw a “one-of-a-kind” Critical Thinkers’ party and see what you come up with!!!  Have fun with it, get creative, invite others to join in and always remain respectful and responsible.

Until next time …

Blessings, Granny


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