Good Morning Everyone,

It has been a few days since my last post and the reason for that was two-fold.  I was blessed to spend some quality time with a family member, that I have not seen for some time.  The precious memories, of the past few days, will be added to the multitude of which I already possess, and will continue to sustain me until we meet again.

The second reason, which the first reason gave me ample opportunity to observe and fine-tune, what I wished to convey in my next blog post.  Being in nature and spending quality time with the people (and/or animals) you cherish the most, has that effect on the mind, body and soul.  It puts things into their proper perspective, assisting us to make the right and moral decisions.  Which brings me to the contents of this blog post.

As I see it, from my respectfully humble life observations, the answer to our current world-wide problems is rather simple.  Now I did not say it would be easy nor without it’s challenges.  However, if undertaken properly, respectfully and responsibly, then it has the potential to change the world as we know it, as us, being the “Driver” and not the “held hostage passenger, at the hands of the Out-of-Control, Madman Driver”.

Now let’s begin.  Take a REALLY GOOD LOOK around at every sector that affects your daily living.  Be extremely thorough and bring the focus into a handful of areas to address.  Any country’s “so-called” leaders could apply this simply solution to their VERY DARK problem; however, the question is … “will they have the Strength, Courage and Tenacity to follow it through to it’s natural conclusion”.  Let’s use Canada as the example, as that is where I was born and lived all of my life.  The areas, which I believe, will eventually boil down to this handful of places.  Government (consisting of all forms, including the Court System, Law Enforcement and the Military), Religion (all religions, but especially the Vatican), Big Pharma (pushers of toxic vaccines and other synthetic made medicines), Banks (Ultimate Ponsi/Pyramid scheme, perfecting their technique of “cooking the books”, with assistance from others in authority, from Al Capone and his genius bookkeeper), Schools (grinding EVERYONE thru the proverbial “Matrix Meat Grinder” to ensure maximum “Mindlessness and Subservient Serfs for the System”), BIG CORPORATIONS (Monsanto, being one, who likes to destroy the quality of our food and soil with their HIGHLY toxic chemicals.  There are many more and you do not have to look far to find them).

Now, starting with ANYONE working in our Government, from the top post, all the way to the lowest position held.  If they REALLY wanted to get “out in front”, of the avalanche that will and is starting to roll their way, then it seems to me the BEST possible way to do this and get out with any dignity left in tact, would be throw ALL of the evidence on the table, pointing the finger right back at the Cabal, Illuminati, Robber Barons, etc.  At this point, who cares WHAT you call them, they are plain and simple, HEARTLESS, SOULESS SCUM!!!.  Harper, and his “good ole boys”, could turn tail and “show” Canadians, along with the rest of the world, what the Cabal has been up to and how they have manipulated, threatened and destroyed anyone in their way, to get WHAT THEY WANT.  Full, complete and transparent disclosure of the WHOLE CIRCUS SHOW INNER WORKINGS, would almost certainly ensure that they would be regarded as the Hero and not the Bad Guy.  Albeit, Harper and his band of brothers, would have to give up and never return, to the perks and privileges of that lifestyle, but HEY, they at least are able to get out from under the boot of these guys.  They would also be permitted to keep what ever they “need”, within reason, and all of the proceeds, which were gained through these immoral and unlawful deeds when working for/with the Cabal, would be returned to the “public coffers” for future infrastructure projects.  IT IS TIME TO OUT THE WHOLE PONSI/PYRAMID SCHEME!!!  Our so-called leaders have the opportunity to participate in this “controlled demolition and rebuilding” of this wonderful country, back to it’s Highest Standards of Peacekeeping and Caregiving, that we were once well known for world-wide.  Once this happens, everything else stated above will fall, like the “rotting structure” that it has become.

I implore you, NOW MORE THAN EVER, to take ample time to find a secluded place where you will be undisturbed and peaceful.  Begin to take a REALLY GOOD look around you and ask yourself some HARD questions, with the Courage, Strength and Tenacity to “get to the heart and truth” of each of the areas that appears to be SERIOUSLY affecting your daily living and those of the ones you hold most dear.  I provide some questions, in an effort to get you started, and I truly believe if you are REALLY honest with yourself, you will be directed to SOME REALLY HARD ANSWERS to grasp; yet, they WILL BE THE TRUTH.  “The Truth Shall Set You Free”!!!  RESEARCH – Canada’s Former Minister of Defense, the Honorable Paul Hellyer’s new book, “The Money Mafia”.  OR, Google: “Meet Your Strawman”.

Some questions to ask:

“Why do I feel and believe, that I NEED to be so heavily governed by anyone, when I AM a fully functioning, human ADULT being, responsible and respectful with ALL of my daily dealings with others?”;

“Why do we HAVE TO continue to follow the “same old, same old” (ie: elections, trying to stay up on ALL of the so-called “laws” being passed to “better my life”, etc.), when CLEARLY we have not improved OUR lives, only improved the lives of those “at the top of the Ponsi/Pyramid scheme?”.  “Is there another way, a better and more “natural” way of living, that perhaps we once enjoyed and thrived, but which has been “ground out of us through the indoctrination school system” to ever consider, let alone research and start to implement?” (before the current system clasps in your face, like a brick wall at 100 clicks!!!).

“Why after all of these years and soooooo much time, MONEY, UNNECESSARY DEATHS, and other resources put towards finding cures for the horrible diseases ravaging our communities (not to mention the so-called BEST THAT RESEARCH SCIENCE HAS TO OFFER), WHY OH WHY ARE WE SICKER AND NO CURE ANYWHERE IN SIGHT?”.  THEY ARE ALWAYS “ON THE BRINK OF …” BUT STILL OUR LOVED ONES DROP LIKE FLIES!!!  Do the research, starting with an independent documentary on the dangers of BIG Pharma and Vaccines.  Google “The Movie, Bought” and see what they have to say and make up YOUR OWN DAMN MIND, and STOP LETTING, THE ONES THAT ARE PROFITTING FROM OUR LOVED ONES DEATHS, IN THEIR TRACKS!!!  (RESEARCH – Bill and Melinda Gates.  You can thank them for “pushing the whole vaccine policy and procedures” program.  BUT WHAT THEY DO NOT TELL YOU IS THAT THEY ALSO PROFIT from these same programs and are NOT ACCOUNTABLE for the death and destruction these vaccines cause to many innocent victims.)

Here’s a BIG one, and I will NOT apologize, for being one who teaches others to use their own perfectly working minds, hearts and moral compasses, to come to ANY TRUTH in order to make a wise and sound decision.

“Why does the Vatican ‘preach’ about unconditional love, kindness and helping others, when ‘history speaks for itself’ and is currently SO IN YOUR FACE, that you CANNOT deny it?”  The Vatican is THE RICHEST CORPORATION/INSTITUTION on the planet and it still requires (or demands) that the poor congregation “fit the bill” for any social relief.  Take a REALLY good look at the Vatican with ALL of the wealth, riches and priceless artifacts that the Pope, and his brothers of many colors, are surrounded by daily.  They enjoy and flourish within all the perks and pleasures of the Vatican, which by the way, belong to the PEOPLE, and NOT FOR THEIR EYES/HANDS ONLY.  “How many people have died at the hands of the Vatican, in the name of God?”  Take any religion on this planet and apply the same principles.  Equally, take those same religions, seeking out the humble, wise and righteous prophets, and look at their lifestyle.  Describe for me what Jesus’ or Buddha’s church looked like?  What kind of clothing did they wear?  Who was their congregation?  How did they “help those in need”?  WHO, were the ones that they felt were “in need”?  Were they “common folk” with little money, but big hearts and full of spirit?  Is the Vatican (ie: the Pope and everyone beneath him) all mouth/words and NO ACTION, and not to be believed, thus cease to follow their dogmas and doctrines?  RESEARCH IT, THINK FOR YOURSELF, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

“Why do our skies constantly have those white streak marks everywhere?”  (Those are “Chemtrails” and are HIGHLY TOXIC, being breathed in daily by our loved ones, the plant and animal species, killing us slowly.)  “Why does it appear that our food has less nutritional value and NO SHELF LIFE?”.  (You can thank MONSANTO for that mess.  All of their chemicals are slowly killing off the best and most necessary part of our eco-systems.  The natural world is being bombarded by ALL OF THEIR CHEMICALS and you, plus future generations will pay the ultimate price.  Their business is ALL ABOUT PROFITS NOT PEOPLE!!!)

If you get through all of THAT and still remain calm, sane, and somewhat “in tact”,  then CONGRATULATIONS, you have just “proven” that you truly are a fully, functioning human ADULT being, responsible and respectful with all of your daily dealings with others!!!  The next question begs to be asked … “Now, what are you going to do about participating in cleaning up your own life, lifestyle and educating/inviting others to do the same?”.  What are you waiting for … what is more important than educating yourself in order to best protect and care for your loved ones today and in the future?   Now is your chance to be the author of your “fortune” and not “misfortune”, at the hands of others, that CLEARLY do not have your best interests, as THEIR TOP PRIORITY.

I think that is enough for now.  Enjoy your journey and always remain, responsible and respectful in all that you do.  Namaste, to One and All.  Until next time …

Much Love and Blessings, Granny



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