Good Morning Everyone,

I awoke today to the sights, sounds and smells of the beautiful surroundings which I call home.  Our little Piece/Peace of Heaven on Earth delights all of the senses, no matter what your pleasure.  As I write this article, I have a little woodpecker not more than 5 feet from my window, and it is absolutely driving the “grand-kittens” WILD!!!  Each and every little “peep, peep, peep” out of our woodland creature, taunts the cats to respond with their own little “cat conversation”.  It is hysterical, if you have ever heard a cat, “voice” their irritation at what is just outside the limits of their reach.  The Sun is bright and warm on the face, while the wind softly whirls around you tickling everything it touches.  It almost appears as if our trees are doing their “happy dance”, as they soak in all that life has to offer.  I say to them (the trees), “You go girls and boys, and throw in a little of your ‘funky tree stuff’ while you at it”.  This appears to be a perfect time to bring in the topic of “Collaboration”.

Webster’s Dictionary Definition:  “Collaborate: to work WITH another”.  This is an interesting word and theory.  However, as anyone who has engaged in any form of this, will attest to the FACT that it supports the saying, “Great in Theory, not so great, when put into practice”.  However, what a lot of people do not realize, is that we collaborate, each and every moment of our daily lives, whether we know it or are willing to participate, it just happens.  What I find fascinating about this concept is that, with over 7 billion people on this planet, all with their own unique individual “Earth Suit” and everything (good, bad and sometimes ugly) that comes along with it and at every level of Spiritual Growth that you can possibly imagine, that we ever truly get ANYTHING brought to a successful collaboration.  I observe, each and every day, how Mother Nature and the non-human creatures “collaborate” easily, effortlessly and rather joyously and ponder, why or more importantly, what is it about being “human” that complicates the life experience.

It would appear, that no matter how well intentioned, good hearted and spiritual you are, those seemingly great qualities that brought the human parties together, will ultimately show up as a “kink in the hose”, thus creating tension.  This tension is like a fire under a simmering pot and is intended to direct the human to examine THEIR responsibility to identify and resolve any issues that they may be bringing to the table, before the “collaboration” can move forward smoothly and effectively.  Now, if for any reason, any one of the humans directly involved in this collaboration, are not doing their “due diligence” to ensure that their dealings can in any way be misconstrued, misunderstood, etc., then this causes further tension.  The collaboration grinds to a halt.

A wise human, will at this point, recognize what is in play and why, and will step back far enough to take a “wait and see” approach.  This is intended to give the human struggling with, “seeing what NEEDS to be seen”, without the interference or involvement of another.  If, the proper amount of quality time is invested by the human struggling, and they honestly excavate the past few days, months, years, other relationships, whatever it takes, to “see the common denominator” in all of times that they were struggling, I truly believe that ALL of our so-called differences/issues become non-issues.  They do BECOME “valuable learning lessons” and not mistakes, repeated over and over, thus ensuring that EVERYONE feels heard, respected and valued for who they are and what they have to offer.  Truth Seekers and Truth Speakers have ALOT of value to offer; however, not many humans on this planet can TRULY AND HONESTLY state, that when they are faced with one, that they enjoy the experience.  It is really hard to “hide behind anything” or state that “this is who I am” in front of a really good Truth Seeker/Truth Speaker because they have a viewpoint, lens, perspective that MOST people wish they had, but are still a “work in progress”.  Lashing out or acting out, in front of or with, a Truth Seeker/Truth Speaker is pointless, but if you push and persist to “make your case” with them, they may lower the Cosmic Thump on you or just feel it is not really worth the hassle.  They KNOW life WILL teach those that refuse to learn.  Painful to watch and that is why they remove themselves from the situation because they cannot bear to “feel empathically” what that person is doing to themselves and others around them.

I look all around me and see many forms of collaboration going on, in every sector of our daily lives.  I say, BRAVO to those courageous souls, who passionately believe in a good cause and are attempting to find ways to “right the wrongs” brought down on this Beloved planet and all that reside on her.  If your collaboration is running smoothly and gaining greater heights for the good, then keep on keepin’ on, and continue to Shine the Light of Truth.  If your collaboration is not going well, then I invite you to take a few steps back and look at what played out.  Don’t just be critical of others first, examine every detail of your involvement FIRST, make it right inside yourself FIRST and then, share your insights with the others.  You may find that you did everything right and it still did not “gel”, and that is okay, because that just means it was only meant to teach the parties involved ONLY to that point in the collaboration, but no further.

The energies have changed folks.  If something is “meant” to happen, then it is and will continue to be supported, easily and effortlessly, through to the next stage or completion.  We do NOT have to struggle for anything that we are manifesting at this point in time.  If it does not truly “feel” like a joyous ride down a summer stream, then it is not a good match.  If you are “feeling” like you are in a car with a person learning to drive a “stick-shift” for the very first time, you will be jerked back and forth, possibly getting whiplash!!!  This “swimming up stream” and forcing something that is not intended to be forced, ultimately results in someone getting their “panties in a wad”, things being implied or said, THUS helping NO-ONE!!!  Sometimes, we unknowingly, become the “authors of our own misfortune”, all the while implying innocence or finger-pointing.  I caution all of the finger-pointers out there, because if you really take a good look and ask yourself:  “How many fingers are pointing back at you?”  Maybe, just maybe, you are NOT being totally honest and would benefit greatly if you revisit your current conundrum.  Just sayin, maybe something to put your heart into and not your Brain/Mind, and see what you find.  Happy Trails!!!

Well, we come to that time again, where life entices me to “come out and play” and who am I to refuse such a magnificent offer.  Continue to journey along the path you find yourself on and take the time to stop and “smell the roses”.  Play safe, be kind, respectful and responsible in all that you do.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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