Greetings Everyone,

How is your Monday going so far?  Is it just a continuation of the weekend, uplifting you to see “life in a whole new way”, or just another dreary day in the continuation of your life, which appears to be “closing in on you”?  No matter where you are in this Grand Cosmic Play, you will undoubtedly be asked, required or sometimes, downright DEMANDED that you offer yourself up to be vulnerable.

I marvel at the way humans (including myself) either “react”, or “respond”, to being vulnerable in any given situation.  I am NOT judging anyone, rather observing, that which plays out in my everyday life and running it through my “own inner wisdom filter” (some call this a “BS Detector”) to ascertain if there is anything of value being offered to me.  I “see” it as an opportunity to review, reflect and reinforce the solid foundation that I have been building over the past 50+ years.  If there are any “adjustments” in need of change, then that becomes my focus, and working up from that position until a sense of peace and balance has been restored.  Life is, has and always will be this ever changing, sometimes revolving door, of opportunities to be the best that you can be in EVERY moment that you are here.  What YOU do with those opportunities, is YOUR choice and the rewards OR consequences are yours.  Food for Thought:  “ALWAYS conduct yourself like someone is watching, because someone, IS always watching.  It is called your conscience and your Soul!!!”.

The benefit of the vast years and life experience that I possess, is that it has provided me with quite the panoramic viewpoint within which to “observe” ALOT of changes to this beautiful planet we call HOME and her inhabitants.  What I DO NOT see anyone talking about is that we are HER invited “guests” and you would NEVER know by the way all this bickering and fighting going on.  More and more people are jockeying, positioning and clamoring for their contribution to the New History Books that will be written about these times.  Everyone’s voice wants, needs, AND MUST be heard before anything moves forward.  Suppression is a funny thing for all parties involved.  At some point, EVERYONE gets to have a laugh.  The Gargoyles at the Top KNOW this and have attempted for MILLENIA to slow down or stop this from happening.  They KNOW that the “music has stopped and there is NO chair for them”, and it is THEIR TURN TO BE LAUGHED AT, with all due respect, of course.  Sorry, kinda got sidetracked there with a brain-fart and thought it might be important.

Anyway, back to this vulnerability thing.  If for any reason you may be having difficulty, challenges or possibly a “full-on frontal Dark Night of the Soul experience”, then fear not.  This only means you are on the very edge of a “breakthough” (NOT BREAKDOWN) of something that will bring the Best and Highest possible life lessons to you.  What you do with it is up to you.  I remember a looooong time ago, a very wise person assisting me with this very subject and their advice was “just get out of your own way”.  For years, it use to have an effect on me, in various ways, until the moment of AHA!!!  I cannot speak for others, only my understanding of what this means for me.  I believe, it’s meaning (ie: life lesson) is this:  Life will change; we MUST embrace and thrive with those changes for ANY growth to happen.  The ONLY one getting in the way of those changes is the person staring back at you in the mirror.  Argue all you want, with whatever explanations or excuses you wish, it ALWAYS boils down to the person’s involvement or lack of it and how it was presented.  That is not to say that life has a way of presenting some REALLY big choices to make, yet THAT IS PRECISELY my point.  Like a small oak tree, it gets challenged in every possible way imaginable, but the miracle is witnessed when you see their maximum potential.  It is an AWESOME sight!!!  The challenge is intended to bend and stretch you to your maximum potential.  YOU  decide how and what the outcome will be, when you combine your own unique “bending and stretching” towards the intended goal.  This works both ways, for good and not-so-good, so be REALLY careful about your “inner motives” and keep them in check, so the others around you do not feel compelled to point them out (because they are showing up).

Life was never intended to be THIS DIFFICULT.  We humans somehow or somewhere decided this was they way it was going to be.  Well, NOW, we can decide that it is time to “upgrade” the belief system, life system, whatever you happen to be working on these days, and give ourselves the permission to be BETTER, WISER AND MORE LOVING in everything that we do.  Life is truly simple, it is the emotions of the human that make it complex and complicated.  Do not take my word for it, just watch nature long enough and it will show you the beautiful symmetry, miracles and magic.  Birds do not need “air traffic controllers” to fly.  Moose do not need crossing guards to cross the road.  I’m just sayin’ … something to ponder and decide for yourself.  Take good care of yourselves, each other and always remain, respectful and responsible with all that you do.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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