Top of the Morning to You All,

The day is off to a wonderful start, listening to various birds stretching their vocal cords, as they go about their day, singing joyously like a children’s choir.  The Sun is rising in the somewhat blue sky, and the place has a “tropical” feel to it.  Life is abundant with miracles, each and every day, even before we open our sleepy little eyes.  Now, if you happen to find yourself barreling through life, slowly realizing that “keeping up” used to be easier, then may I suggest with all due respect that you SLOW DOWN.

Having a “Day-Timer” stuffed full to the brim, is no way to live, especially now in these rather interesting, yet troubling times.  Everyone’s multi-tasking skills are being challenged to the razor’s edge, and if you are not careful, you will get cut.  The depth of which that cut will go, is solely determined by your inability to gear-down, coast, reflect and rejuvenate all facets of your Being.  If you wish your journey to be a little smoother and lighter, then you MUST downsize whatever is in your life, release whatever is weighing you down and put all of your focus to that which YOU say is MOST important.  I have spent the last three years or so, going through EVERYTHING and deciding to keep what I can and will appreciate on a daily basis.  Pretty much, if it will not fit into the back of the truck, I DO NOT NEED IT IN MY LIFE!!!

I realize that this can sound like the last thing most people want to hear; however, I truly believe, that is precisely what NEEDS to happen.  If the road you are travelling on is rather littered with all kinds of STUFF, then travelling at a break-neck speed to fit it all in, is not going to produce the outcome you are seeking.  It is no different than travelling down a dark county dirt road, thinking that you have a straight-away to hit the gas, only to find out that road crews recently installed a bend in the road.  If someone happens to be “standing on the side of the road” of your life watching you daily put yourself at risk, please do not get upset.  Do not punch them in the face and make remarks that you cannot take back.  They ARE taking the emotional risk to advise you of a potential danger that you are approaching and making a reasonable request that YOU SLOW DOWN.  They are offering a valuable viewpoint, that maybe, just maybe, you had not considered.

If I was granted only one wish, it would be this; that each and every human being on this planet give themselves permission to “take a mental/physical/spiritual vacation”, for as long as they require in order to get their lives centered, balanced and energized.  Yes, there is MUCH work to be done, however, if you are only running on fumes, then truly what good are you to anyone?  This screams to the people around you, that you are either running from something, or running towards something.  Either way, it becomes about you and your own self-importance and NOT what you are claiming!!!  What the World Needs Now is to get it’s “freakiest, slowest turtle-on” and CHILL, with a really good Bob Marley song.  Nothing is solved nor resolved in a shit-storm!!!  Learn to become your own best Comedian and crack yourself up, at your own genius and flaws.  Do I take my Soul’s Purpose on this planet seriously?  ABSOLUTELY, YES I DO.  However, I DO NOT take myself seriously, rather opting to find things to laugh about myself, and my surroundings.

One thing I do sense is that the baby boomers, children of the 60’s, are rediscovering their passions and what made them feel really alive. I find this very interesting because the baby boomers’ children are old enough to “stand up for their own passions” and fight along side their parents.  Scan any crowd, at any rally or protest, and you will witness a wide variety of age groups all coming together for a common and worthy cause.  It is AWESOME to watch people all over the world coming together, interweaving their own “threads of many colors”, to create a new Tapestry that is designed to acknowledge, support and benefit all concerned.   The power of all of these people coming together at some point will crush any last remnants of the old unhealthy and unnatural way we have been living for centuries.  That Old Goliath KNOWS it’s days are numbered and are pulling out every last trick in their proverbial hats to convince anyone and everyone that it still has the energy to have control over you.  Yes, there is much to be fearful about; yet there is NO REASON TO BE AFRAID.  The Old Goliath is much, much more afraid of YOU, than you ought to be of it.

Now, take some much needed time for yourself and go for a nice long walk in nature.  Go camping (I mean really camping, not this 5 Star Hotel type camping) and get back in touch with what is screaming, crying and begging for you to sit awhile and listen.  Put on some really deep heart and soul music that stirs you to feel young, wild and free.  What is Mother Nature attempting to show you, by mirroring it back at you, along your journey?  For the really serious, courageous and humble participant in life, you could sign up for and really commit to, a “Vision Quest”.  I highly recommend it, if you are truly seeking direction, when you find yourself at a fork-in-the-road of your life.  Be sure to do your research, check with your own inner wisdom, and your physician of course, and make that decision when you are feeling the pull to do so.  Also, finding that person(s), you resonate with in a positive, healthy and uplifting way, usually is a signal, you have a good match.  Get references from past participants, if you need to, in order to make that decision.  If none are provided, turn and run in the other direction.  Usually a clear sign that you are about to travel down “hurt alley”.  Either way, the choice is yours and I hope that someday, we will see you on the New Playing Field.

For now, our time has come to a pause, until another day.  I pray that you will take the time, for however long it takes, to realize and appreciate the miracle(s) being offered to you today, and every day.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessing, Granny


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