Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

Rather interesting question, one which I have predicted for the past three years, and now you are frothing at the mouth to know my answer.  My answer is simply this … The next currency WILL have great value and abundance, more so than any precious commodity on the market or the planet.   You do not need a broker, banker or middle-man, and the ability to counterfeit any form of it, will JUST NOT HAPPEN.  That currency will be TRUST!!!

First and foremost, each and every person’s level of respectability, responsibility and accountability, will be measured, valued and traded for whatever gifts, talents and abilities they possess.  If you possess a High Standard of Morals, Ethics and Principles; then you WILL always be in demand, never wanting for anything.  However, if you are attempting to use the “same old, same old”, then your ability to survive at any level will become more difficult.  As the word spreads throughout the community and surrounding areas, your popularity/abundance WILL be reflected back to you in a very intimate way and on a daily basis.  This will appear to be a sliding scale and there will be something available for everyone depending upon where you are placed by the community (judged by your peers).  YOU WILL KNOW where you are, who you are and what your value is, based upon what others “see/feel” coming from you, in your daily interactions.

Our lives will be returned to a more natural way of life and living.  I BELIEVE IN THE POSITIVE, COHESIVE AND LOVING FAMILY VALUES.  I could easily pass for a Russian Babushka, given the appropriate attire!!!  I believe in families coming together for that common cause of properly watching over, guiding and teaching the children, no matter what their bloodline.  I believe that it ACTUALLY takes a community to raise a child or the children of that community.  That is the way I was raised, and it did me NO HARM.  I also, believe that when the members of that family can come together and demonstrate their “conflict management skills” to the younger ones, it adequately provides useful skills to them, for when the younger ones begin to merge with the community.  The problem with most of society today, in my humble opinion, is that many people have “fallen asleep at the Parental Wheel”, and are leaving these kids to raise themselves.  The opposite is also true, where the parents are SO STRICT, the child(ren) are unable to “stretch their wings and grow to their maximum potential”.   Either way, we NEED for the sake and survival of our future generations, to STOP, DROP AND ROLL, our way back to focusing on what we say is our Highest Priorities.

I see a bright, abundant and more loving society in our near future and that is where I am headed.  Each and every day, my every thought, word and deed is in support of that very image.  I am drawn towards that beautiful landscape from somewhere deep within my Heart and Soul and feel it emerging outwards, spreading across the surface of the planet, like loving little glittered teddy bears!!!  Rainbows and pots of whatever your Heart’s desire happens to be, when the energy comes bubbling through.  If you are experiencing challenges, feeling off kilter or anything other than excited about your life, then my intention is that your being is filled to the brim with more glitter bears, and you actually find yourself “giggling”.  Find the innocence within your Heart and allow it to blossom like the most perfect rose that you have ever seen.  I was given the AWESOME opportunity of that very feeling the other day, by watching a Hen lay her egg, right in front of me!!!

Being an old farm kid, I forgot what that experience “felt like”, so was granted the moment to “re-connect and enjoy”.  Being raised on a farm gives children a whole new perspective on life.  Every farm kid goes through the same phase that, at some point, they will NOT appreciate the early morning (any time after midnight to sunrise) all-call that our presence is required in the barn.  One, or sometimes more than one, of your animals is giving birth and you NEED to be there.  Watching an animal giving birth, is so much more different than witnessing a human giving birth.  For the most part, animals take it all in stride, and everyone is gushing over the new arrival, when all is said and done.  Most infant animals are born with a “knowing of what to do” and they usually get to it pretty quick.

The miracles and magic offered every day to a farm kid is tremendous and far reaching.  They are NEVER bored … they have no time to get bored.  If they happen to find themselves getting a hint of becoming bored, they will switch to creative mode rather fast and come up with something “new” to entertain themselves.  An example from my own childhood was the time (I will not name the parties involved) that someone came up with the game “Bag-Tag”.  A bunch of farm kids get together in one of their hay-lofts, which is stuffed full with bales of hay wrapped in binder-twine, and proceed to “tag” someone with the burlap bag that is tied in a knot.  All these farm kids, of various ages, running as fast as their little legs will carry them, so that they will not be “tagged”.  The memories are flooding back and the hysterical laughter is about to begin.  Many things CAN, and DID, go wrong with the whole brilliant plan.  Especially when one person, who really did not want to be tagged, thought it would be a good idea to “Tarzan style”, swing from a rope anchored to the roof, one side of the barn to the other.   Yeah, I KNOW YOU CAN PICTURE THE SCENE.  He splatted like a bug on a windshield, dropped to the floor and groaned like he just got sacked in the family jewels.  I just cannot stop laughing at our youthful ignorance in the pursuit of fun.  There are many more stories to tell, but that is for another day.

My garden is in need of some tender loving care and the grand-kittens are making their requests known rather LOUDLY.  Be Well, Be Loved and just be the best You, that you can be.  May you continue to be granted with all that you so richly deserve.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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