Happy Monday Afternoon Everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Mine consisted of many things, but the one that comes to mind at this moment, is my main focus … “looking to the future with fond memories of my past”.

The reference I made in my previous post, regarding my childhood, brought back a flood of memories that lasted the weekend and continues right up until this very moment.  I imagine my childhood was much like everyone else’s experience.  Sometimes I hear people say that, they pretty much had a normal childhood and wonder … what actually does “normal” look and feel like?  My childhood was filled with many experiences to witness and learn from, in order to prepare me, for what was to come as I continued to grow through the years.

I could sit here and tell you every sorted detail that I experienced in a “not-so-good” way, but does anyone REALLY need to hear one more sob-story and who does that truly help.  I could fill volumes of my life’s experience and most people would probably say, that it is not possible for one person to experience ALL OF THAT and come out as good as I did.  However, I chose to take those experiences and even see humor and healing, where others would not.  Laughter and Love provides the BEST salve for a wounded heart and soul.  When you are able to look back over a situation that may have caused A LOT of heartache and turmoil and view it, without the emotions attached, then the humor and healing will just happen naturally, if you are willing to allow it.  Never force it to happen.

The tender moments, the funny and hilarious moments and the downright cruel and abusive moments, ALL have something to teach everyone involved.  Having the strength, courage and moral conviction to rise above the cruel and abusive moments, in order to learn from them, will be balanced at some point, with the skillful use of those tender, funny and hilarious moments.  For example, after experiencing some rather difficult moments from my childhood and some much needed reflection time, I came to the conclusion that the skillful use of humor in learning to “laugh at myself” and to not take myself so seriously, would benefit me in the long term.  I also came to learn that this can sometimes be the very thing that “saves you from the madness”.  It is the best revenge against those that wish to bring you harm, upset and turmoil into your life.  I am not “into revenge” in a negative sense; merely stating that, in my humble opinion, finding that place of peace, harmony and being able to love again, is the best medicine for you, NOT THEM!!!  You can and will provide the proof needed to yourself and others around you, that you ARE the better person for “seeing and feeling what others refuse to acknowledge”.

When you are at this stage of your personal healing and growth, you elevate the “social standards” to a new level of awareness and possibly teach others that there is a better way in which to live.  This will undoubtedly at some point show up in your confidence level and your ability to take on a more responsible role in the community and humanity.  Confidence, NOT ACTING COCKY, is a very value tool in these unsettling times.  In order to face these times, your happiness, health and wealth will be dependent upon being able to operate within the social structure with a certain level of confidence, integrity and humor.  Carry NO BAGGAGE from the past that weighs you down.  Collect ALL OF THE memories that brought the best out in you and allow them to carry you, like a Magic Carpet Ride, filling you up with all of your Heart’s desires and landing you on bright and sunny shores.  There is nothing bigger in this world, than the Heart’s (and not just human hearts) ability to LOVE BEYOND REASON.

Now, is a good time to share another “funny” moment from my past.  When scanning over the multitude of memories one thing threads through them all.  The great amount of love and fun that went into “our playtime”, as well as the lack of time spent thinking it through to see if anyone could get hurt.  No-one ever intentionally wished to hurt anyone, it was just the innocence of youth, that getting hurt was just never considered.  I think of the games that we would play were not the usual that most kids played.  Sure, we knew how to play all of the usual games but at some point kids can get bored and start making up their own games to play.  For example, we used what was at our disposal, like things that nature casted off, and could be rather painful when connecting with the skin.  Being that it was either spring or summer, there was plenty to choose from, as you lined your brother or one of his friends in your sights.  We used to have “chestnut fights” and I am not talking about the ones that have the outer shell removed.  These ones were rock hard, with spikes and dug into your skin, sending you yelping like a wounded dog!!!  Many children went home looking like they spent the afternoon with a porcupine, minus the quills.

Another memory that comes to mind, is the time when one of the guys in the group, thought it would be a good idea to take his “mini-bike” out for a spin, in a freshly plowed field, after 11:00 at night.  Yeah, I can hear you now, picturing the scene and starting to giggle.  As my wise old Daddy used to say, “sometimes, you just gotta let them figure it out for themselves and hope that they don’t kill themselves in the process”.  I am certain my father had A LOT  of moments like this, when bearing witness to my learning curve.  My father’s advice was always the same at these times, being “are you sure you want to do that because when you get to be my age, you WILL FEEL IT”.  Even though he passed away, I can still hear him getting the last laugh, because HE WAS RIGHT.  Every ache and pain I feel, is directly linked to a memory of what I did, at the time of my father offering his advice.  However, the sweet and tender memories of those times, far outweigh (for now), the costs (aches and pains) of such an adventurous life and living.  Spending plenty of time out in nature provides many opportunities to test and stretch the boundaries associated with the human growth curve.  I learned a lot from nature, together with all of her woodland creatures, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

This brings me to something I wish to share from the depths of my heart and soul.  For ANYONE that has ever crossed my path, sharing the journey of life, and feeling as if I have somehow offended you, I ask for your forgiveness, for I was unaware that I had done so.  I merely offered to you, what I felt intuitively was mine to offer, and was only intended to raise you up and out of whatever situation you found yourself.  If you feel I have failed you, then I truly apologize.  For those who have offended me, intentionally or unintentionally, then I FORGIVE YOU, releasing each other from the wounds of the past.  This does not mean I will forget, nor have my boundaries crossed ever again, in any way shape or form.  This forgiveness is intended to release anyone willing to participate from the words and/or wounds of the past, so that the healing and learning can begin.  Have I learned from those moments?  Yes, I have.  The wisdom, confidence and love that I feel for this planet and all that inhabit it, is far greater than holding onto any emotion or situation that is not in my best interests.   My heart and soul demands that I get up and see, feel and share the beauty being offered, each and every day.  Be like the frog that NEVER GIVES UP, as the stork has it in it’s beak!!!

I must sign off for now, as the arrival of a very loved family member is coming to stay for a few days, and we really need to get the place ready.  Have a glorious day and please take the time to look into the eyes of others, with a heartfelt smile, and say “Hello, how is your day going?”.    Be Well, Be Kind and Loving, but especially, BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE AND SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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