Greetings One and All,

Today, I wish to share something with those in need of something “uplifting, that helps me.  As the title of this article states, “when you believe, there can be miracles” presented to you each and every day.  I listen to music, as it somehow connects to the very depths of my Soul, allowing my Body/Mind/Spirit to rise to a restored level of beauty, harmony and peace.  Things just look and feel better after I have listened to music.  There are many different types of music that I enjoy for a variety of reasons.  At present, the music that is most therapeutic for me, is the ladies group, Celtic Women.  Any number of their songs will provide the listener with much to reflect, contemplate and decide for themselves if there is any value in the words.

The songs that I find the most beneficial are; When You Believe, Follow-On, You’ll Never Walk Alone, The Voice, The Awakening, Sailing, A Woman’s Heart and The Prayer, to name a few.  The words in these songs and many more, speak volumes to anyone wishing for their path to be just a little lighter, brighter and hopeful, during these rather difficult times.  It is very true that, THERE CAN BE MIRACLES WHEN YOU BELIEVE!!!  My life, love and learning curve has proven this statement, time and time again.  I am not talking about wishing for something like a little kid.  I am referring to the kind of belief that is so deeply apart of your very Being, that nothing and I mean nothing, can shake it.  Some people may attempt to pass their stubbornness and fear of change to present a mask of unwavering belief; yet, this always has serious repercussions and not advised.

I find it interesting how different types of music can have an effect on the human body.  What I find more interesting is the “choice” of music that we humans are drawn to, and how we apply it to our daily living.  What one person finds enjoyable, will bring another to fits of anxiety and screams to shut that s@#t off!!!  We have all been there and have the scars or lack of hearing as proof.  Also of interest, is the way people change their choice of music depending on who they happen to be dating and thus, they eventually have their whole personality change with it.  Not saying this is always a bad thing … just saying, something to think about.

I love most music.  The only two types I really find hard to listen to, is the real heavy metal stuff and the old, old, old country songs (where the guy loses everything and is now sitting in bar, drunk and singing about it).  Other than that, I can get just as “hip” as the next guy, whatever the tunes.  I also have some pretty good “Granny Grooves” going on, just like Stella getting her groove on, not that you will ever see it.   Hopefully my husband has not been secretly getting it all on tape and releases something on U-Tube.  It would not surprise me … the man can have a weird sense of humor sometimes and I am sure there are plenty of ladies out there that can relate.   Despite that, we love our “man-child” and when push comes to shove, we would not want it any other way.

Now it is time for me to say “see you later” and dance my way back to my chores.  Take good care of yourselves and each other.  May you continue to be blessed with all things Divine.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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