Hello Everyone,

Happy 4th of July, to those in the beautiful U.S.A. and to all others, why not join in with their merriment and fun!!!

That being said, there would appear that something else NEEDS to be said, for the benefit of humanity.  As I have previously stated, many times, that this blog and the articles contained therein, are merely my observations and experiences with the outside world.  There appears to be something happening and very few people are talking about it, let alone acknowledging it, thus taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for what ensues.

What I am speaking about is, a lot of well-known bloggers selling their products/services for all to participate, under the banner of “helping others along the journey”, are struggling and stressed out.  Now before I start, please, please, please do not attack the messenger and/or observer to these circumstances.  As I have expressed to those I have attempted to have this conversation with, I KNOW MYSELF very well, what my skill-set is and what my Soul’s purpose for being here at this time.  The following words ARE NOT a judgment, criticism nor an attempt to knock you off your rising star.  It is merely a tap on the shoulder, asking you to do some digging and come up with your own conclusions about how you are presenting yourself amongst the masses.  I simply stand there with a mirror, asking you to take an honest look and tell me if THAT is what you are intending to “say”, in your “helping others”.  If you do not like what I am saying, then is it not your responsibility to check yourself.  Just like when you go to someone for a “reading” and you do not like what they are sharing with you.  It is not the “reader’s fault” that you are triggered by what you hear.  The same goes for the “receiver” of the reading.  If the person giving the reading does not like what the receiver has to say, then IT IS YOUR OWN EMOTIONAL CENTER GETTING TRIGGERED!!!

When the receiver, stands in their own authority and responds in a mature fashion, questioning something that you are offering, then DO NOT come back with a lengthy explanation(s) for all of the reasons that, in your mind, they should just agree with you and everything will be alright.  I call it the “buck-shot effect”, in your reacting and attempting to get them to agree or suffer your wrath.  The age old “How dare you judge me” attitude is really getting in your way and really old.  This is what it means to “get out of your own way”.  I have had this happen several times in the past months and I am really perplexed by this situation.   For those of you who TRULY wish to help others, then please do me and the others a favor, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!

One of the really good explanations that I keep hearing is that I do not understand that they are so busy with life, to remember to honor their commitments and respond in a timely manner.  Timely does not mean take up to 7 weeks (without a peep from you) to return someone’s connecting with you.   If you are TOO busy to keep up with your present commitments, then WHY are you filling your schedules up with more to do?  If you are one of these people, before attacking me, I ask that you answer some questions FIRST.  Remove yourself from whatever has got you spinning out of control.  Take the actual time to sit with yourself, no distractions, and ask yourself this:

Who is the person filling this crazy and insane schedule?  What is REALLY driving this way of living?  Who, ultimately is RESPONSIBILE for what I think, say and do?  Am I really saying what I mean and meaning what I say?  Am I REALLY walking my talk?  Is there any TRUTH to what this person is saying and I just do not like it?  Do they “see/feel” something that is beyond my perspective?  Am I REALLY helping anyone in continuing to run myself into the ground with this insane schedule?  Am I doing this to myself, excusing my behavior and blaming others for my current situation?

I read so many articles that state “be yourself, stand in your own authority, know thyself”, blah, blah, blah.  That is all great, until someone comes along that has done the work and is actually doing the things that they are “talking” about, and challenges their tightly held beliefs about themselves.  The first thing out of the gate is NO RESPONSIBILITY, just “you don’t understand how busy I am and how many people want this and that from me”.  How insensitive of you to think that ANYONE else besides you has a busy and challenging lifestyle.  We are all experiencing this shift together, but you would never know it by the so-called “spiritual wayshowers” that have taken on this “Superman/Superwoman” stance, that it is all up to them.  Clearly by their schedules and explanations, that is how it presents to YOUR clients that have been left to fall through the cracks.  It is not the client’s responsibility to keep contacting you for a follow-up or a response to the query.  If we are ALL supposed to grow up, show up and be responsible for our thoughts, words and actions … then why are you bombarding these folks with your “reactions” NOT your “response”, which implies you actually took the time to investigate your part in the confusion.

There are a lot of people waking up to this dog’s breakfast we call our social structure and you putting more stress on them, just because you are stressing yourself out with that out of control schedule, HELPS NO-ONE!!!  I have said it before and I will say it again, SLOW DOWN YOUR LIFE AND ONLY TAKE ON WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE, WITHOUT ALL OF THE DRAMA!!!  Otherwise, something serious will happen and I really do not want to see another person fall to this unhealthy way of living.  This advice is given freely and without judgment.  Choose to do with it what you will; however, please understand that, life will teach you WHAT you REFUSE to acknowledge and learn from, in order to put you where you NEED to be at this moment in time.  Not allowing others to stand in their authority and offer their skill-set to the masses, at the same time, staunchly defending your position and viewpoint, is just plain and simply, ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

I believe that there is more than enough to digest in this article and will leave it at that.  I pray that you will find the time to enjoy what you are doing more than you appear to be. I pray that you will find the FAITH AND TRUST that the Universe WILL provide, if you truly are doing what makes your Heart sing.  I pray that we will eventually be able to find the “common ground” and work out from there in order that we all benefit.  I pray that your journey will continue to Bless you with whatever your Heart and Soul desires.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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