Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you had a good night’s rest and feel ready to greet the day.  I stayed up late to write this article and did not have an easy time writing it.

As humans, we tend to have more difficulty expressing the language of the heart, than with any other part of our Being.  What is it about the heart and how it operates that confuses us so?  This is a question that I have pondered for the better part of my life and am still amazed by the responses that I receive from myself and others.  The heart appears to be this mechanical organ that functions to keep us alive; but is that all, or is there more to this mystery?

This is what my observations and conclusions have come up with thus far.  The heart is more than just a “pumping station” and has a very large capacity to Love beyond measure and/or reason.  My own life’s experiences have proven this in spades!!!  The heart has an intelligence and language all of it’s own and does not concern itself with gender, race, bloodlines, religion, etc. in order to fully function.  The only thing the heart concerns itself with, is that it “feels” a strong connection with another.  It matters not if that “other” happens to be man, woman, child, animal, plant, planet, it just knows it feels a bond.

I have experienced many forms of Love.  Some were rather pleasant, while others were not, in my humble opinion, what Love looks and feels like.  The best, most pleasant and rewarding is the Love that is shared between a Grandmother and Grandchild.   Like music to my ears when I hear that child’s voice say … “Granny”.  Watching her observe, learn and grow over the years has fascinated me and inspired me to be a better person.  My life changed in so many ways after she came into my life.  I never saw so much pink in my entire life, AND it started to filter into my wardrobe.  It seemed every gift I received HAD TO BE pink, so that it would match her color ensemble.  My heart softened and expanded with every passing year, making more room for future cherished memories.

Watching her facial expressions at the realization of herself in the mirror for the very first time, her first day of school, learning to read, learning to swim, learning to ride her big girl bike and my Heart sings on!!!  She is an Earth Angel and I call her my Angel Girl.  As her eyes light up with excitement for life’s adventures, my heart melts at the mere sight.  Seeing the world through her eyes gives me hope and appreciation for a better tomorrow.  I learn so much from her and I am sure she does not even know it.   She can make me laugh and brightens my day when life seems a little less kind.  A hug, kiss and a simple, “I Love You Granny”, for no other reason than just because, leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  Thoughts of winning the lottery, pale in comparison, because there is no amount of money that could top that!!!  Memories like these, put it all in perspective, and reminds me of what is really important.

I look forward to the many years ahead of sharing, loving, laughing and learning with my Angel Girl.  I only hope and pray that I do not get too old and uncool for her to “hang with”.  Something inside my heart tells me that it is highly unlikely to happen, based upon watching her interact with her Great Grandmother, who has since passed away.  She still talks about her “Nama” and all of the crazy stuff they used to get up to, after exhausting me first with her version of playtime.

I am grateful, each and every day, for the blessing of her in my life and the profound effect that she has had on me.  To you My Angel Girl, I wish to say, “I Love You, I believe in you and I trust that you will always find the silver-lining, in any dark cloud”.   You are AWESOME, POSSUM!!!

Well, time to get my weary old bones to bed.  The Sun rises pretty early in our neck of the woods and the neighbor’s rooster crows rather loudly.  Take good care of each other, safe journey and hold steadfast to a brighter future.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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