Kaida’s first day in our home February 16th, 2014.  We believe she was no more than a year old.


Baby photos, taken four days after birth (April 24th, 2014)


The rest are self explanatory and please use your imagination when viewing them.  What they are saying at the time that the picture is being taken? (it is much more fun that way!!!)


I hope you enjoyed them as much as I AM.  I will provide more as they come available.  It is difficult to capture those “Kodak” moments when I do not always have a camera available.  Most times when I witness those tender and/or hilarious moments that they wish to share with me, by the time I return with a camera, they have disappeared to another adventure.

I will provide an update on the Complaint filed with the Ontario Veterinarian College against the two veterinarians, Dr. Laurie Brown and Dr. Aimee Filion of the Haliburton Veterinary Clinic, as soon as possible.  It will be an interesting read for sure.

Until then, and always,

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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