Greetings Everyone,

This is the promised update on Kaida’s kittens.  This picture provides the proof that with the proper love, care and compassion, miracles truly exist.  They are enjoying their breakfast with Kaida waiting in the wings for any morsel they wish to leave behind.  She is such a great mother!!!

All are doing well, growing in size and getting healthier every day.  Unfortunately, they will continue to live their lives with chronic respiratory problems but will be provided with the best of love and care so as to minimize the discomfort.  It is sometimes hard to convince people of their hardship in the beginning; however, I have proof in prior pictures which I may share with you some day for comparison.  Those pictures bring back very unpleasant memories for me, ripping at my Heart and Soul, and living through it once was bad enough.  I would rather concentrate on the positive and honor their lives with the best that my Heart can provide.  I believe that this is THEIR best medicine in order for them to thrive.

Now to introduce my Grandkittens, as I affectionately call them, starting with the ones facing the camera from left to right, Raphael, Sophia (pronounced So-phi-ah), Michaelangelo and Dot is facing them.  Miss Sophia was born first, Michael was second in line, then Dot and fourth, Raphael.   As of June 24th, 2015, their last trip to the Vet confirms their weight at Sophia just barely 10 pounds, Michael 16+ pounds, Dot 15+ pounds and Raphael 13+ pounds. They can often times be found hugging while sleeping or grooming each other when in need.  Sometimes it can feel like having four, 4 year olds, in the house and other times, like having four angels present.  One of the reasons we cancelled our cable television subscription was because the Grandkittens provided more than their fair share of entertainment.

I will sign off for now and attempt to provide another post with a collage of pictures for all to view.  Take good care of yourselves, each other and most especially, those MOST in need with as much Love, Care and Compassion as possible.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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