I am going to dispense with the pleasantries and get right to it.  My question is this … IF YOU ARE NOT MORALLY OUTRAGED BY THE ACTIONS OF YOUR FELLOW BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN BLUE, THEN I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY!!!  That also goes out to any fellow Canadians, who actually gives a shit about what is going on our very own soil.

What am I talking about?  I am OUTRAGED at the news reports of an innocent young man gun down by the RCMP outside a restaurant in British Columbia, all because he was wearing a “Guy Fawkes” mask and supposedly carrying a knife.  A ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE OFFICER, made the Supreme decision to be Judge, Jury and Executioner, with the pull of a trigger.   How can ANYONE be proud of such an act of cowardice and lack of sensitivity?  Your actions in one fell swoop, deprived a family and the community, of whatever his future had to offer.  I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOUR EXCUSE IS OR EVER WILL BE, YOU HAD BETTER GET ON YOUR KNEES AND BEG FOR GOD’S MERCY, because there was, is and ever will be, any justification for YOUR ACTIONS.  I hope and pray that your conscience eats away at you like a cancer until you make this right.  Take responsibility and take your lumps and maybe, just maybe, you will be a shining example for others to follow in order to restore our community’s trust and faith in all of you.  This is not the first senseless shooting resulting in death, but it CAN BE the last!!!

Why is it when an “officer is killed”, the whole world has to put up with you folks, Boys and Girls in blue,  grieving all over the place, shutting down traffic and demanding justice?  But when ONE OF OUR OWN senselessly goes down at the hands of the Police, you try and shift the blame elsewhere!!!  YOU CANNOT DEMAND RESPECT FROM A COMMUNITY AT GUNPOINT.  They tried that in Nazi Germany and look how that worked out for all involved.

I am Canadian.  I am also a Grandmother and a valued member of my community, country and global family.  I do not want my Granddaughter (nor anyone else’s child) to grow up and be exposed to you folks, when this is how you act in OUR COUNTRY.  I have had just about enough of the militarized tactics that you badge carrying, trigger happy so-called human beings have been dishing out to the very people you ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTING AND SERVING.  It is not brave to show up to a “call” and draw your weapon, taking an innocent life.  You are not Judge, Jury and Executioner.  YOU ARE NOT THE LAW!!!  You are supposed to be UPHOLDING the law, which by the way, means you hold yourselves to a higher standard for all to reach.  Not this “do as I say, not as I do” mentality, all the while point a gun at someone.

You wonder why the citizens of every country around this beautiful planet has NO FAITH AND TRUST in you Boys and Girls?  It is because you act as if there is no accountability where your actions are involved; yet you hold a blade to everyone else’s throat and DEMAND RESPECT!!!  Grow up and stop acting in this manner.

For those of you that still have a fully functioning Heart, Mind and Moral Compass, I plead with you to CLEAN UP YOUR OWN DAMN HOUSES, before you allow your fellow officers to kick in our doors and destroying whatever is left that is good and wholesome about BEING CANADIAN, let alone HUMAN.  We are supposed to be the PEACEKEEPERS OF THE WORLD, but you would never know it by the absolute brute force, WITHOUT ACCOUNTABILITY, that is being seen everywhere.

There is no need for all of this to be going on in our community, country and/or world and you are the ones that can change it.  You seem to have no problem with us, in the community, when you are not in uniform (gun/badge), so why is it when you “gear-up”, that your mentality and morality becomes a problem?  I implore you to STOP ACTING IN THIS MANNER and return yourselves to a place of peace and balance, inspiring others in the community to do so as well.  What is so wrong with being the “Sheriff, Andy Griffith”, instead of Rambo on steroids?


Sincerely and with as much Love as I can muster, Granny


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