Hello Everyone,

As promised, the topic I wish to discuss within this article, being “what will be your legacy?”.   When your time here has come to a place of transition (death of the physical body) what will you be most proud of that you offered to humanity during your stay on Mother Earth.

Many times the human race has had the best of intentions yet somehow manages to make a complete mess of things.  I remember the days when I used to grind away endlessly for the corporate machine only to arrive at the weekend with no energy left to truly enjoy it.  If memory serves me correctly, we were all told that technology was going to improve our lives and give us more time with our family and friends.  BULLSHIT!!!  All technology has done is made us more lazy, more demanding, more distracted, less cohesion within the family structure, not to mention the community.  Because of technology the corporate machine believes it owns MORE of you and cares nothing for what really matters to humans.

I gave up my cell phone over a year ago and truly DO NOT MISS IT.  It was one in many steps I intend to take to unplug, decompress and get back to a way of life and living that will ultimately provide the health, happiness and true abundance that is my Divine birthright.  I have my entire life and will continue until my last breath to stand tall and strong for the respect, reverence and respectability for all life on this majestic planet.  As Ghandi stated, “be the change you desire to see in the world” and that has been my whole life’s mission.  I live each and every day the change I desire to see in the world, leading by example, whether anyone notices and/or acknowledges it.

As I have stated before, live your life like someone is ALWAYS watching because there is … it is called your Moral Compass.  Betray that and you will never trust another living soul, including yourself.  We MUST stop betraying ourselves in order to help or make someone else feel okay.  It takes strength, honesty, integrity and boat loads of courage to walk the spiritual journey in a seemingly distracted material world.  However, the winds of change are upon us and the time is now to make the life altering decision to get with those changes or be left in the quagmire of bullshit baffles brains courtesy of those in positions of power.

It would appear that humanity has become more fully awake and aware of the “magician’s tricks” perpetuated upon us by governments, politicians, bankers, big pharma and the list goes on.  If you are one of those humans still sitting on the fence, wondering WHAT THE *&@# is going on and what are you going to do about it, then I would again, suggest that you take a few “mental health days” from your daily grind and hunker deep down inside of yourself for the answers.  That is where they reside and will remain so, until you come join in on the party.  Each and every sector of our lives is touched and/or manipulated by the corporate machine and we need to STOP LISTENING TO THEM and listen to our own inner wisdom, knowledge and purity of heart.  Take the leap and respectfully question just one thing in your life that does not make sense and then change it, or at the very least start working in that direction.  Life is for the living, so please, please give yourself permission to start, right now, to live your life in accordance with what your moral compass knows best.  It truly is your best and most loyal friend.

I love life and I love this amazing planet and all who inhabit her.  One day soon we will realize that it is all worth saving and when that day comes, the corporate machine had better be on it’s way to Saturn because 99% of humanity will demand accountability.   We are bearing witness to this happening around the world and it will only gain strength.  Keep up the good work folks and never give up because the reward is definitely worth it.

Enough said for now as I feel the need to go play outside with our woodland creatures.  Maybe I will just lay in the driveway and receive a wonderful BIG hug from Mother Earth.  Take good care of yourselves and each other.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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