Happy Saturday October 3rd, 2015!!!

Just sitting here taking in and being ever so grateful for the majestic beauty being offered by Mother Earth and all her woodland creatures put me into some serious reflection time and heart space.  Looking at every facet of our lives appearing in such turmoil and chaos worldwide and my heart speaks the only words that make any sense to me.

Humans are complex and life is simple.  At present, these two do not meet ANYWHERE in the middle and make life work for the betterment of anything nor anyone.  That does not mean that it cannot happen … yet.  Unfortunately for me and sometimes the people in my life, I see, hear and feel things differently than most.  My viewpoint can change in any given situation; however, what never changes is the level of moral integrity, honesty and purity of heart by which I decide my course of action and/or belief.  I do not have to like, nor love someone to defend them.   If, AND ONLY IF, in the current circumstance they happen to be in the “right” (a term used only for a lack of better wording) will I defend them.

For example, my former sister-in-law (through marriage to brothers of this in-law family) was having some tension regarding a decision that she had made about where she, husband and children would be spending most of their Christmas holidays, which was with her family.  Now the “tradition” had been set for many years to spend it with his family but I knew the reason (and so did the whole in-law family) behind her decision because it was a small town and everyone knows your business before you do!!!  The reason for her decision was that her father, whom she loved very much, was dying of cancer and she wanted his last Christmas to be a gift from her heart.  The in-law family was furious and was even more furious when I staunchly defended her and her decision, END OF STORY, PERIOD!!!  Their first argument was “why are you siding with her, she hates your guts and has wanted you out of this family the moment she set eyes on you?”.  When I explained that it was the right thing to do and if I was ever faced with that situation, I would not want ANYONE getting between me and my father (whom I loved very much as well).  Doing the right thing rarely makes you popular and is all the more reason to do it because it is what is best for all concerned.

So, to make this a little shorter of a post, I will get to my point about the title of this article.  Pick any area of your life and ask yourself, what would happen if I followed my own heart and moral compass in this situation and did the right thing for all concerned, even if that meant causing a little discomfort to my own life?  Take for example, what if the so called “powers that be” threw us into WWIII AND THE 99% – HUMAN BEINGS WERE SMART ENOUGH TO NOT SHOW UP AND FIGHT?  What would happen if all of those soldiers just went to work cleaning up the mess of the past wars, improving the lives of every individual by restoring what they destroyed and when they were done, the communities and countries would be so appreciative that they would throw BIG street parties with all kinds of good food, great music and celebrating our differences as well as our common ground.  New friendships and bonds  between cultures, not to mention countries would immediately improve and change the world.

What would happen if our politicians called an election and nobody showed up?  Instead opting to come together as communities working together for the betterment of the COUNTRY and it’s people in order to restore and rebuild what all other previous forms of government had stripped from its people.  Keeping things simple with common sense being the benchmark for all decisions that affect these communities.  Sending the CRYSTAL CLEAR MESSAGE  to ALL politicians that we no longer had confidence, nor require their services because we NO LONGER BELIEVE IN THEIR ROBOTIC SCRIPTS that they keep trying to convince us of their sincerity, honesty and integrity.  HISTORY SPEAKS LOUD AND CLEAR ALL ON ITS OWN, we the people do not need to dig very deep nor look very far to see, hear and bear witness to the TRUTH!!!

What would happen if everybody that has debt just simply refuse to pay until ALL OF THE BANKERS could come up with LAWFUL PROOF of their so-called claims against any one of us.  They could claim it is all “legal” because they have been able to buy as many politicians to get it “on the law books”; yet in the eyes of God, this DOES NOT MAKE IT LAWFUL.  Why is it that when the Courts want to be taken seriously, and you along with it, they ask you to “swear on the Bible and before God to tell the TRUTH”, yet they do not have to hold to the same rules of this game (called “Global Monopoly”, where the Bankers always win, blah, blah, blah).  Personally, I do not subscribe to ANY script that says to me “do as I say, not as I do”.

Anyway, just something to think about as you go about your day.  Remember to be kind, compassionate and most of all, share the beauty of your heart with the world and SHINE BABY SHINE!!!

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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