Season’s Greetings Everyone,

I realize it has been some time since my last post and I have felt the need to write something over this past week.  However, it would appear that the internet trolls do not wish this and have tried to stop this from happening.  Lucky for me, I was born with a VERY tenacious nature of turning obstacles into learning opportunities in order to grow passed these petty interferences in my life.

I have observed over my vast years of life, that many people reserve ONLY this time of the year to offer “good will towards their fellow man”.  Miracles happen each and every day, whether we notice them or not, they actually do happen.  I could go into many examples of this in my own life, but instead will invite the reader to look at their own lives to discover where this has shown up and gone unnoticed … until now.  It may just be a matter of perception in order to actually recognize it.  Miracles are part of being human and thus, humans were made to be miraculous!!!  I only wish that more people would engage that spirit of good will towards their fellow human being each and every day, not just once or twice a year because the calendar and the status quo says to do so.  Imagine for a moment what our world would look and feel like if everyone shifted their mindset to this very concept.

I believe in humanity’s ability to come together for the common cause of respect, responsibility and reverence for all life everywhere.  It is now just of matter of time before the rest of humanity to believe it and make it happen.  We have had enough trauma, drama and disconnection from what really matters and are on the precipice of growing up with the planet to ensure the very survival of our species.  A better way of life and living is on the horizon because our beloved Mother Earth declares it so and beware to anyone getting in her way.  This miracle alone ought to convince even the hardest of skeptics.   Remember, there is ALWAYS a silver lining to every dark cloud, however, we MUST find the courage, strength, purity of heart and moral compass in order to discover and believe it.

May you continue to be blessed with all that the Divine has to offer.  May you continue to bless others with your bright light, gentle touch and compassionate heart.  May your legacy be like a gift that just keeps on giving and returns to you in the most wonderful ways.  May we all realize before it is too late, what is truly important in our lives and live from that place for the benefit of each and every living creature on this planet, including the planet herself.  Namaste, to One and All.

All My Love and Blessings, Granny