Greetings Everyone,

Yes, it really has been a long time and in preparation for the upcoming Astrological New Year on April 7th, 2016, I make the following declaration:

“I return all intrusive, invasive and unwelcome archonic energies back to Source with Love in order to restore Respect, Reverence and Responsibility to all things, including this beautiful planet we ALL call home.”

May this be the year that we (humanity) finally have the strength to seek out the truth of who we really are, the courage to stand tall in the knowledge that we are loved beyond measure by that which gave us life and the wisdom to learn from our past mistakes.  The future is being built, history is being written and what a glorious future it will be.  What does your future look like?

Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny