Good Morning All,

Yes, it has been some time since I last posted my thoughts, for good reason.  I have not been guided to share anything for the past few months because it was more important to be an observer to the events unfolding right before our very eyes, than an active participant.  However, the time has come to add my voice to the multitude of voices which cry out for the return of sanity, integrity, accountability and a loving peace that we have not felt in a VERY long time.

Firstly, I am not going to go into depth about all of the information that is swimming in the ethers and on the internet, as I believe there is such a thing as information overload and that defeats the purpose of staying informed.  What I will address is, for everyone no matter where you happen to find yourself in your spiritual development and how it applies to living your daily lives, is that things may appear to be bleak, yet that is not the case.  What is happening all over the Earth is for a specific reason and the many components that make up the BIG PICTURE are too vast and mind boggling, so I will not go there because others have done a better job of explaining it.  I wish to address our current situation and how we move forward from here, so that no matter where you are, even if you do not believe everything I say, at least somewhere a seed will have been planted so that when you are ready to accept the reality, you will have a reference point from which to start your own exploration into the vast unknown.

Now, I cannot prove in the way that you would like; however, I have over 54 years of life experience which has taught me many things.  One of them being, “Life WILL teach you what you refuse to acknowledge and learn”.  If you are looking around, thinking “something is terribly wrong” and not knowing where to start, I most respectfully request that you get up right now and walk to the nearest mirror and take a good long look, asking that question and see what comes up for you.  Where to start … is with you.  With over 7 billion people on this planet, you cannot possibly expect anyone to save or fix your life until you own your part in the problem and work out from there.  Let’s talk mature adult for a second and say, “Let’s face it, we (and I mean EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING) on this planet, including the planet herself, has been traumatized for millennia.  We all of issues to deal with and ignoring or projecting them will not save or fix anyone.  Think about it, if over 7 billion people, in various ways, just stopped for as long as needed to clean up their own shite, then there would be no need for the amount of rules, regulations and restrictions that we are subjected to on a daily basis.  Overnight the whole planet would be transformed and we would be living the Peace on Earth that is our Divine Birthright.

What we are witnessing on a massive global scale is the planet herself has decided is, like all wise mothers do at some point, to put a stop to the children that are disrupting things for her other children.  She has, for some time, been raising her frequency/vibration to a higher version of herself.  In doing this, WILL reduce the amount of darkness on her body (the planet) to an acceptable level that we all can live with.  She is relocating herself and her children to “higher and safer ground”.  We cannot completely get rid of the dark because it is only one side of the same coin.  We need a certain level of darkness for the light to exist. What we are witnessing today, is the darkness running amok, like an out-of-control child.  It needs to be put back where it belongs to be transformed into it’s highest expression and not it’s lowest expression.  Fear not for what your five senses are telling you is truth.

The truth is that the planet herself is in control of this grand show and we are merely stage hands assisting her with the details.  If you start by cleaning up your own life, be responsible and accountable, make amends, reaffirm your boundaries, take care of yourselves, family and communities branching out as you improve your life, you improve the lives of those around you.  By doing this, you lighten the load for our ever-loving Mother Earth ensuring that she will be able to reach the heights that she is aiming for.  She is a woman on a mission, so I caution you about getting in her way or giving her feeble excuses as to why you did not … because she has heard it all and for far too long.  I have been told by her that if you insist on being stubborn about it, then she will simply just create the “perfect storm” for your awakening.  Where we see increased activity of sinkholes, earthquakes, floods, etc. will be the areas that are affected or entrenched with the darkness and she is merely shaking and cleansing it in order to bring it out of the darkness to be healed.  Kind of like doing “spiritual laundry with Mother Superior”.  If you match your heartbeat or vibration as closely as you can to Mother Earth, then she will feel your essence and protect you from harm, like any loving Mother would do.  So, watch your thoughts, feelings, words, deeds and actions over the next few weeks/months because this WILL affect the outcome of where you land when the Great Shift of the Ages occurs.  I realize this article is getting longer than I had intended so I will end it here.  If, for anyone that requires further assistance or explanation, please contact me via email and I will contact you directly in order to keep it personal just to you.

Lastly, with all due respect and from the depths of my heart and soul, to ALL ARCHONS AND YOUR MINIONS, I know and you know what is really happening at this momentous time in our history (her story) AND, you also know that I am an ARCHON HUNTER.  Yes, I have recalled a past-life memory of dealing with you folks off planet and we were successful then and WE WILL BE AGAIN.  You ran the last time and thought you could hide under Mother’s skirt; however, we located you and we will be successful, AGAIN!!!  All of the “Best of the Best” Archon Hunters have assembled here and now, and are ready to throw this down, for the very last time.  We acknowledge that you have a right to exist but not in this way.  On behalf of all Archon Hunters, I COMMAND THAT YOU RETURN AT ONCE TO THE SAVE HAVEN OF MOTHER’S HEART SPACE SO THAT SHE MAY TRANSFORM YOU TO THE HIGHEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.  The experiment is over and you played “the bad cop” so well we almost did not recognize you and it would appear that you have also forgotten who you truly are.  So, let’s all just take a really long breath, chill for a while and get back to what is most important.  We do not want you to get hurt anymore than we wish for ourselves to get hurt and we know that you are just scared little children fearing the wrath of your parent for misdeeds done.  You have nothing to fear, so long as you are truly sorry and wish to make it right, with no more tricks.  There is a place for you at the feast and festivities; however, if you are going to continue with this behavior you will likely find yourself getting a swift back-hand or two from any and all sides.  Aren’t you exhausted from running around controlling everyone and everything?  Now is the time to let that go and heal along with the rest of us.  Time to come in from the cold …

To All, I pray that your days be filled with Blessings, Beauty and Bounty.  Peace be with you.  Also, remember that there are other beings (ie: animals, plants, etc.) in need of healing and your loving energy will go along way in assisting them.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny