Wow folks, is it just me or does it seem like someone grabbed the globe, given it a good shake and put it back on it’s axis, leaving the rest of humanity to scurry around trying to reclaim their lost belongings.  I admit that on our little 12.5 acres of Mother Gaia life is peaceful, playful and beautiful to behold.   Each and every day I awake to another panorama of her woodland creatures with their unique sights and sounds to delight anyone patient enough to sit and listen.  It helps ALOT to ground, center and fill me with enough light/love to interact with the outside world.  It is only when I engage, either through my computer, the telephone or running errands in town, do I bear witness to the stark and sometimes overwhelming differences in the energies.  I cannot imagine how the masses are dealing with the intensity of the energies bearing down on us from above, coupled with Mother Gaia raising her internal heartbeat/frequency, with humanity sandwiched in between.  Whether you believe these words or not, my intention for writing them is to provide the simplest way to navigate these intense and chaotic times.

Firstly, and most important, is your relationship with yourself, with Mother Gaia, ALL of the benevolent unseen helpers and guides and working out from there.  If the natural world is limited to you, then MAKE THE TIME to get into nature and reconnect with her in order to FEEL her heartbeat and link up with it.  This takes time, patience and practice so try to remember that we are “human beings”, not human doings.  Immerse yourself into the sights and sounds which are being offered so that your heart has the opportunity to open and communicate with you as to the best steps forward from where you find yourself.  Any decision made in haste is a BAD decision, so start to train yourself to slow down, each and every day, to take in and appreciate what is right in front of you.  What is life attempting to TEACH you in this moment or situation you find yourself?

Secondly, forgiveness really is key in these new energies and I myself am still a work in progress on this one.  I am open to forgiveness; however, my struggle comes when applying healthy boundaries to these people/situations that need healing, yet they still live in denial that there is anything that needs resolving.  In their opinion, I just need to forget it and move on.  This is a sure fire recipe for disaster because life experiences have taught me in the form of “tough love” that when these people are not lovingly held accountable and all parties come away feeling the situation is resolved properly, then they will somewhere down the road betray that trust.  We NEED to start to raise the social standards back up to an above average level of common sense, harmony and love wherein everyone lives in integrity, honesty and truth.  We must pull ourselves out of the ditch, clean ourselves off and get motivated to improve where and what we can because this chaos will only get worse, which helps nobody.

There are more steps along this journey and in time, if you apply yourself in the areas stated above, there will be no need for me to point out the rest because you will be well on your way to discovering your own marvelous journey and all that you can create with that Divine Spark that lives safely within your heart and soul.

Be well, play safe and remember to smile because someone is always thinking good thoughts about you today and every day.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Blessings, Granny


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