Hello Everyone,

Well, what can a gal say about the level of insanity that bombards us on a moment by moment basis these days.  There are plenty of places that I could look to; however, I choose this one because of the seriousness of the offence.  I just read that the so-called “Pope”, Francis has decided, in his infinite wisdom to absolve 2000 priests for pedophilia offences.  I truly do not know why ANYONE in their right mind and heart would do such a thing because the message you send to MILLIONS of people world-wide is, that the priest is more important than their victims.  Francis (I refuse to call you Pope) with all due respect, your thought processes are so twisted and distorted that not even Jesus could figure it out.

I invite you to follow the proper way of thinking on this issue and see if you cannot somehow, during that journey, to open your heart and see threw the eyes of an abused child.  Leave behind the notion that you hold any higher position or authority over anyone on this beautiful planet and just be as you were born to be, an individual human amongst a vast ocean of humans.  ANYONE, who “claims” to have an authority position IS HELD to a higher standard and CANNOT use any excuse for poor judgment or behavior.  Leading by example, MEANS JUST THAT, you do not lead by saying “do as I say, not as I do” and expect it to make any sense at all!!!  Those priests were how old and their victims, what age?  Using the defense that it was the child’s fault is insulting and demeaning because those priests were much older, should have known better and DID NOT DO BETTER.  You see, I was raised by a father that held us accountable for our actions and would never accept that it was anyone else’s fault for my poor judgment or behavior.  That is the proper way a father teaches it’s child.  YOU AND YOUR FELLOW CLERGY are not the example my father would have chosen.  Your priests are there to protect those children, not take advantage of the situation to their own (or their friends) benefit.  Those children TRUSTED you and your priests and this is how you repay that trust!!!  HOW DARE YOU ASSUME that you have the right to decide for anyone, especially considering the history of abuses coming from the Catholic Church.  YOU AND YOUR PRIESTS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES FOR CONTINUING TO ABUSE THOSE CHILDREN in the name of the Church.

I know a lot of good Catholic people, with children and they would not want you and your priests anywhere near them if they knew how you would protect your pedophile priests.  You say that you are demonstrating compassion and mercy for the priests but by your actions you are condemning the victims.  Where is the proof of compassion and mercy for the victims because I just cannot see it.  All I see and hear is that, AT ALL COSTS WE MUST PROTECT THE CHURCH.  Sweet Jesus, if you truly wanted to help those in need you would get your arse off that high and pious pedestal that you have elevated yourself to, come down amongst the “people” sharing the vast wealth that the Church has amassed from the people in order that everyone receive their basic essentials to live.  Jesus chased the money-changers from the Church and it would appear that they have moved back in and taken over.  You and your clergy ARE NOT the example that Jesus taught and YOU DO NOT represent any God that I have faith in.  I do not know WHAT MASTER YOU SERVE but I do know that it is not, God the Father of which Jesus spoke.

It is way passed due for you and your pedophile friends to stay away from telling us how to care and protect our families but ESPECIALLY for you and your clergy to keep YOUR DAMN HANDS AND ANY OTHER BODY PARTS AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN.  Your services, advice and physical presence is NO LONGER REQUIRED, so please do us all a favor and crawl back under whatever slimy rock you came from.  If it were up to me I would stack you and your smug pedophile friends onto a secluded island called “bum-f**k island” so that you could do to each other, that which you so freely and without shame nor remorse have done to others.  The lives that you have devastated through your inability to “man up and do the right thing” will come back on you 100 fold.  Am I just a little pissed at what you have done … YOU BET AND ANY SANE, COMPASSIONATE PERSON WOULD, so please do not come looking for any apologies or retraction, end of story.  You got a problem with that, come and speak with me, without your entourage and I will set you straight, otherwise stay the hell out of other people’s business until you GET YOUR OWN HOUSE IN ORDER!!!

That’s it for now folks, I got more important things to do, like spending quality time with the ones I love.  Until then …

Much Love and Blessings, Granny