To those individuals who continuously find themselves locked into my “Spam Queue”, attempting to get me to “follow the herd mentality” of how I present my blog, well, save your time and energy for someone else, PLEASE!!!  I am not interested, in any way, shape or form of what you believe is the best way for me to present my blog either by monetizing it, being able to state that I have a lot of viewers and thus being viewed as popular, etc.  I present my blog in the same way I live life, keeping it simple, honest and real.  I DO NOT need, nor want, the trappings of the unnatural world wherein those things that you are attempting to get me to focus on as important are as far from the truth as you can get.  If this is a way of life that is important to you, then I say fill your boots, just do not cast your shadow beyond your own borders and crashing into my sacred space.  I have better and more rewarding things to give my precious time and energy to, immersed within the natural world, that what you appear to be offering is of no real value to me.

So, again, will you please stop advising me of how you feel I can improve my blog if only I signed up for whatever you are selling.  I have made my point very clear, so please NOW respect my boundaries and do as I have requested.

Thank you for your continued co-operation in leaving our beautiful planet in better shape than you found it.  Namaste, to One and All.

Much Love and Many Blessings, Granny