Bio: Well, I could say plenty on this subject; however, I will let you the readers decide for yourselves. I usually describe myself as "a Truth Seeker and Truth Speaker, do not ask me to be anything different". I have travelled this lifetime for over 50 years, attempting to defend the dignity, and being a strong voice, for those most vulnerable members of our society (Elderly, Children and Animals - AND NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER). I have spent most of my life behind the scenes, avoiding the "spotlight", and am very well aware and accept, that my life has evolved to the next stage. Thus, the "New Beginnings" and this blog. My main reason for doing this blog is to "Shine the Light of TRUTH" on situations or events that I have personally experienced in my daily travels and allow the "voice of the people" to decide, what REALLY IS THE MORALLY SOUND CALL TO MAKE FOR EVERYONE!!! This blog is intended to meet everyone where they are in their journey and work up from there. To inspire and uplift but mostly, for all to thrive harmoniously on this beautiful planet. I will provide enough "stuff" for all to enjoy however you see fit. Love me or Hate me, at least I will get you thinking and talking about some REAL important issues of our daily lives. May you continue to be BLESSED with all things Divine. Much Love and Blessings, Granny

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